World’s Most Delicate Sand Beach

Posted on July 7th, 2010 at 4:21 pm by Akhyari


By Samarthya Priyahita

Ngurbloat Beach or Pantai Pasir Panjang (Long Sand Beach), is a beach with the most delicate sand in the world. Located in Ngilngof Village, western part of Kei Island. The reason that you should go to this kind of place is because of the white sand that extends approximately 5 km, nice waves, the water that clearly blue, and thousands of palm trees would make you feel grateful of what we actually have in our country. This beach is very reachable for common residents in Kei Island.

In addition, the color of white sand beach this Ngurbloat bright and very soft. In overcast conditions too, still looks sparkling sand beaches and dazzling enough. At a sweltering conditions, the sand beach is not coming into heat as the sand-sand beach in general. Softness of the sand which is believed to exist in Côte Ngurbloat community can only be matched by the softness of flour. The condition that distinguishes Ngurbloat with other beach. For tourists who bring young children, do not forget to bring equipment to play sand. Fine sand beach that makes the skin feel comfortable when in contact with him.

The area is also allowed people to swim. The location is safe and wide enough for Ngurbloat sloping beach. Small islands located opposite of the beach that make waves on the beach not too big and the tides is not too strong. A number of rooms at several nearby lodging is provided for tourists who want to spend the night on the beach. Inns are generally in the form of tropical-style houses on stilts made of wood. Ngurbloat Beach, located on the west coast of Kei Island is about 20 kilometers from Tual, Southeast Maluku District capital. Areas that can be achieved using a rental car or public transport based in Market Ohoijang, Langgur. Travel from Tual to Coast Ngurbloat taken approximately one hour. There are a number of small settlements scattered location between the stretch of desert scrub.

Kai soil in the form of rocks causing only certain types of plants that can grow there. Rarely found in big trees and lush. To the Southeast Maluku itself, tourists can use the aircraft or sea vessel from Ambon. Travel from Airport Pattimura, Ambon, to the Airport in Langgur Dumatubun taken approximately 1.5 hours using a small body aircraft. Almost every day there are flights from Ambon to Langgur with different airlines. For those who enjoy using sea transportation, the trip can be done from Port Yos Sudarso, Ambon, Tual heading to the port. This journey takes approximately 18 hours using a passenger ship owned by PT Pelni. Travel time is approximately two hours including the stop in the port of Banda Naira. However, sea travel is usually only once a week.

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