Affordable luxury

Posted on February 17th, 2010 at 10:48 am by Akhyari


Measuring up Indonesia’s many airport executive lounges, waiting around in luxury.

One of things I like about Indonesian airports is that executive lounges are in general much less exclusive and cheaper to visit. Where visiting the executive lounge overseas can cost hundreds of dollars in an annual membership, in Indonesia all you need is the correct type of credit card, VIP mobile phone membership, premium bank account or (with Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Mandala Air) an executive class/priority ticket. Or you just pay a nominal fee in cash, often about Rp50 000 (equal to $6)


  • Enjoy unlimited free food and drinks. (Like in other countries, food at airports is often very expensive, so the price of a meal could be the same as entrance to the lounge).
  • Sit in comfort.
  • Get extra value for money when flights are delayed. (Late departures are a frequent occurrence for domestic flights, especially during the wet season – Nov to Mar).
  • In some lounges, free wi-fi internet or computers with internet access, phone chargers, newspapers, magazines, etc. (Facilities you almost never find elsewhere in airports).

Enjoy, guys !

(Quoted from Indonesia Matters)

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