[Teaser] Tallest Building In Indonesia

Posted on November 20th, 2009 at 11:20 am by Akhyari


As informed here in GNFI, Jakarta will host at least 3 tallest building in Asia Pacific, from Jakarta Tower, Emaar Tower, and A Mile-high tower. Please read the article at the Tale of the Tallest here at GNFI. They’ll not come soon though. However, Jakarta will soon have the tallest buildings in the archipelago, passing the current tallest, The Peak.

The most outstanding building, that’s The Peak Jakarta. Currently the tallest in Indonesia.

The development of the two tallest is underway. One is St. Moritz Lippo Superblock, the other is Bakrie Tower. Both will mark Jakarta is home to the tallest… soon. But, they come as a teaser only, before the tall giants will be raised.

Bakrie Tower

St Moritz Lippo Superblock

St Moritz Superblock will have….. 17 highrise towers, while Bakrie tower is designed to be… hmmm… sexy. Take a look at em.

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