Indonesian Voice In The Land Of The North

Posted on November 23rd, 2009 at 12:37 pm by Akhyari


The Swedish Idol 2009 has come down to the top four last night. The one that left the “Popularity Game Show” is a lady from Indonesia, Reza Ningtyas Lindh (pictured above).  I think Sweden has missed out one unique talent. Reza has a vocal like Tina Turner, with a little more professional training, this girl will reaches many people´s hearts. Why I called it a popularity game instead of talent game? I do not watch Idol from other countries so I do not know the culture of each countries when it comes to voting.

In Sweden, it´s the popularity that matters. Take for an example, there´s a 16 years old contestant name Tove who is among the top of popularity rate. The Swedish voter find her so sweet, smart, great performer. I find her quite temperamental, un-structed and don´t take criticism smartly. I personally feel that the other 2 (Calle & Mariette) talents are much more talented in terms of vocal, experience & technique. Calle, I think had developed quite a lot in terms of confidence, he used to look on the floor all the time when singing (that´s all Idol is all about don´t you think?); he has excellent voice I find it both relaxing and magical.

I usually closed my eyes when I hear him singing, it´s so hard to imagine that he´s doing it live and he sounded exactly like when you are listening directly from a CD. I hope he wins. I wish the Swedish voters pick up on these qualities and not on look.

Wanna see her performance? Click here.

GNFI officially congratulates Reza for her marvelous achievement to become big 5, in a land of ‘nowhere’.

Still remember a man who loves a woman, Sandhy Sandhoro, the New Wave 2009? Also, if you happen to be an independent hip-hop fans, you might have heard about the Working Class Superstar, NSG from London. He is pretty popular in the area and reaching out. Seems like Indonesian talents are invading Europe nowadays, following the footsteps of Anggun.

Sandhy Sandhoro

We wish them the best on future endeavors in singing career.

Quoted from: Indonesian Living in Sweden blog

Popularity: 2% [?]