Probably Asia’s Best-Designed Building

Posted on February 2nd, 2010 at 2:56 pm by Akhyari


In the last 10 years, Indonesia has a new nick name. It is the latest Asia’s booming city. I can still clearly recall Jakarta’s skyline in 1998, 10 years later, it was completely different. And it does not stop there. Jakarta continues to deliver world-class buildings with newly-found designs. Look at Jakarta Regatta. GNFI has posted about Jakarta Regatta more than one time. It’s time to look at another stunningly-designed building.

It’s called The Archipelago.

It will be located at the Senayan area, and this project is destined to be a new landmark of Jakarta as one of world’s biggest cities. Senayan Archipelago expresses a sophisticated and futuristic architecture. This project is also planned to give powerful economic impact by providing a modern and high-tech facilities.

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