Spelling romance wrapped in the splendor of natural and cultural beauty, the island of Bali was named one of the world’s 9 most exotic honeymoon locations by the huffingtonpost.com on 12 January 2012.

“We’ve scoped out the scene in nine way-exotic places around the world newlyweds should consider heading after their nuptials if they want some serious honeymoon bragging rights. From the Subcontinent to North Africa, these destinations combine romance with incredible natural beauty” wrote the huffingtonpost.com.

The first of the nine in the slideshow, Bali was represented by a photograph of green rice fields fringed with coconut trees, aptly illustrating the serenity in the heart of Bali. Next to Bali, other locations that made it to the list are: Thailand, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Morocco, Fiji, French Polynesia, and the Maldives.

Bali has long been known as a favorite destination for honeymooners worldwide. From the romantic sunsets at Tanah Lot, the intimacy and serenity of villages and rice fields in Ubud, exclusive and secluded luxury resorts and hotels overlooking picturesque coves, up to the vibrant and upbeat night life around Kuta Beach, the fascinating island has everything that every newlywed dreams of. Many couples from around the globe even staged their wedding in Bali for a total unforgettable lifetime experience.

The article recommended Three Must Sees spots in Bali, these are : the boho town of Ubud, where backpackers and yoginis tour temples, watch dancers, and browse boutiques stuffed with kites and carvings, coastal areas and the Alila Manggis resort where the beaches are not super-touristy, and Kuta and the Legian Beach Hotels in the heart of Bali’s bumpin’ nightlife.
As the month of February commences and Valentine’s Day nears when love is in the air and celebrated, the romantic island of Bali will surely be filled with lovebirds from around the world.

Source: indonesia.travel, www.huffingtonpost.com