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To Palestine, with Love

“Independence is the right of all nations, therefore all forms of oppression and occupation must be abolished on this earth.” This is the tagline for a conference on the rights of the Palestinian people to be held in Jakarta this week.

A two-day humanitarian Asia-Pacific conference has been proposed by the Indonesian National Committee for Palestinian People (KNRP) along with the Palestinian Caucus of the Indonesian Parliament in an attempt to discuss steps to help curb Palestinian suffering and to raise awareness about Palestinian rights to become an independent state.

“So far, hundreds of participants from 30 countries across Asia and the Pacific, as well as the Middle East, have confirmed their attendance at the conference,” Heri Efendi of the KNRP said. The conference will take place at the Jakarta Convention Center from Wednesday to Thursday.

The event committee said in its press release that the world had witnessed Palestinian torments and grievances.

“The radical conflict with Israel has left a profound wound on both Palestine’s land and its inhabitants. With thousands of Palestinian people slaughtered, women and children becoming refugees and thousands of infrastructure [developments] destroyed, Palestine has endured relentless years of destruction,” it said.

In an attempt to “fulfill the rights of Palestinian people,” the conference will adopt six objectives it intends to discuss thoroughly.

Topics include developing an awareness program of the current Palestine and Al-Quds situation, ideas and proposals for Palestine’s road to independence, proposing fund raising objectives for humanitarian programs in Palestine and uncovering solutions for on-going problems in the country.

“Prominent figures from various backgrounds in the Asia-Pacific region have also been asked to construct plans to enhance Palestine’s horizon as well as, creating solutions for issues concerning conflicts in Palestine,” said committee member Izzudin Edi Siswanto of the WAFAA.

Izzudin said the event was intentionally held in Jakarta, where high ranking government officials and national figures are more likely to attend.

The conference will also feature presentations by prominent world figures from Arab and Asia-Pacific regions and end with a statement of resolutions and a declaration on Palestinian’s future.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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