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Open-minded Indonesians

→  March 13, 2011 0

Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, has in recent times seen instances of religious intolerance and extremism, like the burning of churches and violent protests. My trip to Jogjakarta in April 2009, however, gave me only fond memories of a friendly people of myriad religious beliefs co-existing side by side. At the hotel we stayed [...]

The Beautifully-eerie Mount Bromo

→  February 28, 2011 0

One of our GNFI contributors from Malaysia, had the privilege of visiting Mount Bromo last month, and she lives to tell the tale. This article is written by one of her travel companions, and has since been published on Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) Note: The photographs used here are from their personal albums. SURABAYA — [...]

The Amazing Ones

→  November 18, 2010 Comments Off

Have you guys been watching the Amazing Race Asia season 4? If you have, you are sure to notice this striking team of father and daughter, as they always proudly wear clothes with Indonesian flags on them! As an avid follower of the race, I can’t help feeling proud seeing their showcase of spirit and [...]

Finding “The Hidden Lover”

→  October 31, 2010 2

It was just another Sunday morning, but I was nervous. I had a breakfast appointment with Elizabeth D. Inandiak, a very formidable French lady who has translated a whole ancient Javanese transcript, “Serat Centhini” and gave it new life. I wanted to know, what possessed her to take on that difficult task. Not only that, [...]

Largest Diversity, Largest Care

→  October 26, 2010 1

The Indonesian archipelago of about 17,000 islands is home to some of the most biodiverse forests in the world, and its various inhibitants. However, in order to grow as the next economic giant, Indonesia’s economic miracle came at a devastating price for the nation – where millions of acres were deforested, and the animal population [...]

Sukmalindo: Closer Ties, Closer Hearts

→  October 26, 2010 2

Although in the past few months, a lot of incidents had happened that attempt to severe the tie between Malaysia and Indonesia, but as the saying goes, “blood is thicker than water”. The close relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia must be preserved not only in the field of social, economy but also among the people. With [...]

Wild Wilder Wildest Indonesia

→  October 22, 2010 5

Have you guys seen one of the latest series on Animal Planet, aptly named “Wild Indonesia”? Easily one of my favorite TV show now, they show mind-blowing footage of this gorgeous country, it leaves one craving for more! Follow them as they take you on the road less traveled, as they open your eyes to fantastic [...]

A love Letter To Indonesia

→  August 19, 2010 Comments Off

You had me at “Selamat datang”. We’ve been together for month now, and it’s time we had that talk. I don’t know where you see this going, but I could say “the hell with it” to the rest of my year-long trip and stay here with you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. You [...]

Why Investors Are Flooding Back Into Indonesia

→  August 11, 2010 4

There’s been a lot of talk about how emerging markets are now safer than the developed world. And for the most part, this is just talk. You can point as much as you like to stronger growth prospects and better balance sheets. It doesn’t make much difference yet. When a crisis comes, foreign investors still flee [...]

Indonesia’s Language Of Unity

→  August 10, 2010 10

By Karim Raslan Indonesia’s rapidly expanding economy will boost commercial importance of the Malay language, and Malaysian parents will start taking it more seriously. INDONESIA’S rising strength will change the way many Malaysians view Bahasa Malaysia. At the moment, middle-class Malaysians tend to view Malay as a language with limited commercial value compared with English or Chinese. However, [...]