Survey Finds Rising Economic Optimism Among Indonesians

Indonesians remain upbeat about financial conditions over the next 12 months on the back of steady economic growth and stable oil prices so far this year.

According to a survey by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) and Roy Morgan Research, 82 percent of respondents expect Indonesia will have “good times” financially during the next 12 months, compared with 18 percent who anticipate “bad times.”

“The upswing is exceptional, not only in contrast with other G-20 countries, but in comparison within Asia as well,” Kadin chairman Suryo Bambang Sulisto said in a statement. “Both China and India have revised growth forecasts downward, but Indonesia is holding steady.”

Indonesia’s consumer confidence index stands at 146.5, up 1.3 points from November and 9.5 points higher than a year ago, from October to December 2010.

The survey stated that an increasing majority of Indonesians, up by 5 percent to 57 percent in December, say “now is a good time to buy” major household items.

Meanwhile, a whopping 89 percent of Indonesians expect Indonesia will have “good times” economically over the next five years, compared with 11 percent who expect “bad times.”

However, Suryo said this consumer confidence might not last over the next several months amid the threat of rising oil prices and a government plan to limit subsidized fuel consumption, both of which may dent consumer optimism.

“For now, Indonesia remains unscathed. The situation in the Strait of Hormuz has not affected oil prices yet,” he said. “If the seas remain calm, the threat of an oil price rise will not rock our boat. The oil subsidy is taking too much of a toll on Indonesia’s treasury already.”

The monthly Kadin-Roy Morgan survey was based on 2,089 face-to-face interviews conducted throughout Indonesia. It included people from 21 major cities, smaller cities and towns as well as villages in rural hinterlands. Men and women aged 14 and older were randomly selected during December.

Source: The Jakarta Globe

N-219 Plane to be Produced Soon

Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) – PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) will soon start producing the latest type of N-219, which is a STOL (short-take off and landing) plane.

This year PTDI will build two prototypes for test flying and status tests on land, Technology and Development Director of PTDI Dita Ardonni Jafri said in Bandung Saturday.

She said the basic framework of N-219 was started in 2006 and in 2008 has completed various basic tests, including wind tunnel tests. PTDI had carried out various tests with cooperation of the Technology Study Development Agency (BPPT).

The plane has a capacity of 19 passengers and equipped with two engines and planned to fly to pioneering destinations in remote places.

N-219 is still making other tests like aircraft static test, production engine test, and eventually flying test. In 2014 it may obtain a flying certification from the Ministry of Transportation and in 2015 planned to enter the market to replace planes of similar class which have become too old.

Several regency administrations have expressed their interest to operate the N-219, which is very suitable for lights between the different regencies and remote places in the country.

Besides, PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines (PT. MNA) has also expressed interest to operate it and planned to buy 20 of the planes like it has told the State Enterprises Minister following a working session with Commission VI of the House of Representatives in July 2011.

The market survey by PTDI shows that Indonesia now needs 202 planes like the N-219, including 97 civilian planes, and 105 for military purposes and other special purposes.

It is not only very suitable on not very smooth landing strips, the airplane can also take off in only 600 meters with high stability, and is very suitable for isolated air strips in Indonesia without too much land.

The plane is also designed for short distances (1,200 km) with a maximum speed of only 213 Kts (395 km per hour), while the price is much lower than other planes of the same class and operational costs.

PTDI has earlier successfully produced planes widely used in the world like the CN-235 with cooperation of CASA, Spain, and had also built bigger planes like the N-250 in mid-1990.

With regard to the CN-235, a number of countries have the biggest number like Turkey (60), Korea (20), French airport (190) and Malaysia (eight).

The other CN-235 operators are Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bophuthatswana, Brunei Darussalam, Burkina Faso, Chile, Colombia, Equador, Irland, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Papua Nugini, South Africa, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and the US.

In 2011, PTDI has sent three N-235 of the maritime survey type to the South Korea coastal guard and another in March 2012.(*)

Editor: Ruslan Burhani

365Indonesia Hari 37 – Gong Perdamaian Dunia di Ambon, Maluku

Halo dari Ambon, Maluku. Ada banyak tempat yang harus Anda kunjungi dan lihat di sini, dan Gong inilah salah satunya.

Gong ini dibuat untuk perayaan ke-29 Hari Perdamaian Dunia, tahun 2009. Sejak saat itu, gong yang terbuat dari emas murni dan menampilkan bendera dari berbagai negara dseluruh dunia telah disimpan di salah satu taman di Ambon, dan dibuka untuk umum.



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10 Indonesians Hotels Win ASEAN Green Award

Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – Ten hotels operating in Indonesia have won ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition Award 2012 for applying environmentally friendly principles to their operations.

Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Pangestu presented the award to representatives of the hotels here on Wednesday.

The 10 hotels are Matahari Beach Resort & Spa (Bali), Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel (Bali), Holiday Inn Resort (Batam), Angsana (Bintan), Melia Benoa (Bali), Losari Spa Retreat & Coffee Plantation (Magelang), The St Regis Bali Resort(Bali), Melia Bali Villa & Spa Resort, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta.

Mari said the Green Award 2012 was the third of its kind since 2008. The first such award was given to ASEAN hotels in Thailand in 2008 and the second in Brunei Darussalam in 2010.

Environmentally friendly principle is the main aspect to see if a hotel deserves to receive the award according to the document of ASEAN Green Hotel Standard agreed upon by 10 ASEAN member countries.

The document covers a number of criteria and prerequisites as environmental policies which lay a basis for the environmentally friendly operation of hotels, including the use of green products, cooperation with local people and organizations, and human resources development.

Besides solid waste management, energy efficiency, water efficiency, air quality management (indoor and outdoor), noise pollution control, waste water treatment and management, toxic and chemical substance disposal management.

Tight competition in the hotel industry has encouraged the adoption of the Green Hotel Standard. The award is designed to promote hotel operators’ environmental awareness amid the looming threat of global warming, increase the competitive edge of the hotel industry in attracting more guests and improving the quality of ASEAN hotels’ services to support ASEAN as a single tourism destination.

The award was also given to a number of other ASEAN member countries which respectively nominated 10 hotels for the award.  (S012)

Editor: Ade Marboen

Saman Dance named Best ASEAN Cultural Preservation Effort

The ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) named on Thursday Aceh’s traditional Saman dance as the best ASEAN cultural preservation effort at the 25th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence 2012 in Manado, North Sulawesi.

During the event, ASEANTA announced five winners for the nine awards being contested.

A photo titled “Traditional Wedding in Minangkabau” by M. Shiddiq of Indonesia was awarded best ASEAN tourism photo, while Beverly Rodrigues of Malaysia won best ASEAN travel article for his article “Follow the Star”, which was published by Travel 3Sixty, the inflight magazine of Air Asia.

Wonder Full, a light and water show at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, launched by Laservision, was named the best ASEAN new tourist attraction.

“Post Crisis Campaign for Thailand’s Tourism Industry Recovery” by MSL Software [Thailand] Co was granted best ASEAN marketing and promotional campaign.

The winners were awarded at the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Tourism Forum on Thursday evening at the Grand Kawanoa Convention Center, which was officially attended by Vice President Boediono. (mtq)

Source: The Jakarta Post

365Indonesia Day 51 – Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

Another photo from Derawan Island.

That is a place for tourists to stay when they visit Derawan Island, home stay that ran by local people. Enjoy yourself at Derawan island.



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365Indonesia Hari 35 – Satu dari Karakter Kebudayaan Bali

Halo semua.

Lihat foto di atas? Yup, Bali. Tidak pernah lelah jika berbicara tentang Bali. Pantai-pantainya, tempat pariwisata yang keren, orang-orang yang luar biasa, dan budaya yang sangat mengagumkan akan selalu menarik perhatian Anda.

Saya tidak akan menceritakan apa-apa tentang foto di atas, karena sejujurnya, saya sendiri juga tidak tahu patung apa itu. Saya sanga terpana dan kagum saat saya melihatnya, jadi saya tidak sempat bertanya pada seseorang tentang patung ini. Saya sibuk mengabadikannya di dalam foto!

Satu hal yang saya tahu, saya akan menemukan jawabannya di Bali.



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365Indonesia Hari 36 – Matahari Terbenam di Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

Halo, pecinta matahri terbenam!

Sebagai orang yang suka jalan-jalan yang sudah mengunjungi beberapa tempat luar biasa di Indonesia, saya harus meyakinkan ulang Anda bahwa Indonesia adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk pecinta matahri terbenam. Ada banyak jumlah tempat mengagumkan yang tidak terhitung untuk Anda melihat matahari terbenam yang akan membuat Anda merasa sangat bersyukur untuk semuanya, terutama bersyukur karena menjadi orang Indonesia.

Foto di atas diambil di salah satu pantai di Nusa Tenggara Barat. Anda mungkin tidak terlalu mengenal propinsi ini, tapi itu sangat normal. Nusa Tenggara Barat adalah propinsi di Indonesia yang terdiri dari dua pulau utama, Sumbawa dan Lombok (sekarang Anda tahu Lombok berada di propinsi mana). Seperti halnya Bali, ada banyak tempat yang bisa Anda kunjungi saat Anda pergi ke sana. Bagian yang terbaik adalah fakta bahwa tempat-tempat pariwisata di Nusa Tenggara Barat lebih bersih dan lebih sunyi dibandingkan Bali, jadi Anda akan dapat kesenangan dua kali lipat.

Sampai ketemu di foto matahari terbenam selanjutnya!



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365Indonesia Hari 34 – Sisi Lain Danau Toba, Sumatera Utara


Mari kita kembali ke salah satu danau terbesar di Indonesia, Danau Toba. Pernahkah Anda pergi ke sana? Jika belum pernah, sebaiknya Anda pergi ke sana suatu hari nanti. Karena bukan hanya danau yang akan mengejutkan Anda, tapi juga pemandangan sekelilingnya dan sejarahnya.

Menurut wikitravel, Danau Toba adalah danau vulkanik yang besar seluas 1707 km persegi (1000 km persegi lebih desar dari Singapura) dengan sebuah pulau ditengahnya. Dibentuk oleh letusan gunung berapi sangat besar sekitar 70.000 tahun yang lalu, mungin danau ini adalah kaldera terbesar di bumi (bahkan  juga tidak tahu sebelumnya). Beberapa penelitian mengatakan mungkin ini berhubungan dengan penyebab zaman es ebelumnya/ perubahan iklim dan bencana yang dialami manusia terbesar yang pernah ada. Genetik memperkirakan bahwa hanya ada beberapa ribu orang yang selamat dari bencana. Pulau yang berada di tengah – Pulau Samosir – bergabung ke dinding kaldera oleh tanah genting sempit yang memotong untuk memungkinkan kapal untuk melewati; sebuah jembatan melintasi memotong jalan. Pulau Samosir pusat kebudayaan suku Batak yang kebanyakan orang Kristen di hari modern.

Danau Toba adalah mungkin sekali lebih populer daripada sebelumnyai, tapi bagi banyak orang, ini tetap fixture kuat di Jalur Pancake Pisang. Ini adalah tempat untuk bersantai selama beberapa hari setelah trekking hutan dll. Lokasi sangat populer dengan wisatawan China pada saat Tahun Baru Cina, ketika ketersediaan menurun secara dramatis dan akomodasi meroket.

Untuk pergi ke sana, Anda hanya harus terbang ke Medan, Sumatera Utara. setelah Anda tiba di bandara Medan, Polonia, Anda bisa menyewa mobil dan perjalanan ke Prapat. biasanya membutuhkan waktu sekitar 4 jam untuk sampai ke sana, tapi percayalah, Danau Toba benar-benar layak.



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365Indonesia Day 50 – Biawak Island, Indramayu, West Java

Back again to Biawak Island.

Another photo from Biawak island is the swing made from tires. I am sure that I’ve already told you about Biawak island before. All I can say is pack your bag and go to Biawak Island.



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