Raising Giants

Written by Akhyari Hananto Member at GNFI
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Raising Giants: Celebrating Indonesian Startups

Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and Angel Investors Gather to Collaboratively Bring Indonesia’s Entrepreneurship Communities Forward in Building a Generation of Successful Indonesian Startups

To ignite the spirit of real entrepreneurship, Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI) presents “Raising Giants – Celebrating Indonesian Startups”. Raising Giants will be held on 6 November 2015, with the aim to celebrate the success of startups, as well as to appreciate mentors and angel investors who have dedicated their time and expertise to help young entrepreneurs. This is an event boasting real entrepreneurship experience, where audience will not only hear inspiring and success stories, but would as well get a glimpse of startup struggle, and how experienced entrepreneurs overcome these challenges.

“We hope Raising Giants will be able to push our young generation to be the Generation Breakthrough,” stated Agung Bezharie, Raising Giants Project Leader, “Starting up may be difficult, but it’s a necessary journey before one can make a difference. We want our audience to know they won’t be facing these challenges alone. There are a lot of people who are supporting them.” he continued.

Raising Giants aims to support Indonesia’s economic cycle and will bring forward a series of talk shows from GEPI entrepreneurs, mentors and angel investors. A line of experienced entrepreneurs show their support for this event, such as Abraham Viktor from Wedlite.com, Yudhi “Domex” Mandey from Wavoo, Rein Mahatma from Startupbisnis.com, Hadi Wenas, CEO of MatahariMall.com, Luke Roush from Sovereign’s Capital, Rama Dhonanto, co-founder of Sportdeca.com, and Iwan Tjam, CEO of Indomog.

Raising Giants offers a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship. Startup enthusiasts are invited to join this event at @america, Pacific Place Mall, starting from 14:00 until 17:00.The event expects to welcome 400 audiences from college students, entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, enablers, and startup enthusiasts from all kinds of backgrounds. After the public session, which ends at 17:00, the event continues with incubatees’ graduation and pitching session as well as the introduction of new angel investors, open for invitation only.

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