United Southeast Asia! #PrayforMH370

Written by Akhyari Hananto Administrator at GNFI
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There’s nothing more heartwarming to see ASEAN countries united as now. Following the massive search of missing Malaysia Airlines MH-370, Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) will be sending five ships to help Malaysian authorities in the search and rescue mission to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, since the search area is further widened.

Indonesian Navy has been communicating with the Malaysian Navy on where our ships will be placed for the mission.

In addition to the five ships, Indonesia is also sending 1 spy airplane, and 2 Search and Rescue vessel (pictured below) , and most probably will be place in the West Coast of Malaysian Peninsula. 

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is also monitoring developments of the missing aircraft closely.

Let’s pray for the 239 people onboard of MH370! Hopefully they’ll be found soon.


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