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The World’s Palm Oil Industry Depends on Indonesia

Monday, 08 November, 2010 | 19:15 WIB TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Some people regard the growth of the palm oil industry as the number one environmental enemy. Meanwhile, almost 50 percent of Indonesia’s palm oil is managed by farmers, not by big companies. “This means that the growth of the palm oil industry increase farmer’s economic welfare,” [...]

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Three of Seven Blackberry Applications in Asia-Pacific

Research in Motion is holding a competition for the best blackberry application in every region, called Super Apps Challenge. there are 7 best applications that have been chosen in Asia Pacific region, and three of them are made by application developers from Indonesia. Oliver Pilgerstorfer, Senior PR Manager, Research In Motion Southeast Asia, said that [...]

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Why Australia Worries About Indonesia

What country is most likely to upset American-Australian relations in the near future? One would be inclined to think of China but Michael Wesley, executive director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy, doesn’t think so. At The Interpreter, Wesley points to “the Jakarta factor” instead. Indonesia was responsible for the most serious rift in [...]

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Obama:”I Am Home”

US President Barack Obama finally made a much-delayed return to his boyhood home of Indonesia on Tuesday, seeking to engage Muslims and cement strategic relations on the second leg of his Asia tour. Obama arrived in Jakarta under stormy skies on Air Force One from India, as his nine-day Asian odyssey took him from the [...]

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Tennis Stars and Bali

When we hear the word “Bali”, what will be the first thing that comes to our mind? If it was me, i would say, Bali, an island full of attraction, has surely become a favorite place for many tourists, both local and international. even some hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, admit that Bali is a [...]

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Get Lost In Indonesia: Attracting More Tourists To The Country

“We would like to believe that God created Indonesia when he was smiling,” said Rayan Muktiaki, one of the three men behind the Get Lost in Indonesia project. “That’s why we have so many different islands, ethnic tribes, languages and wild species, more than most other countries. So why is it so difficult to sell [...]

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Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 18: Candy)

I was being online, looking for ideas, when suddenly a friend of mine tweeted something about she drinking Kopiko coffee. and that surprised me a lot. why i was very surprised? it is because she lives in Malaysia, so that means, Kopiko is imported there. yep, kopiko is one among many Indonesia’s Global Brands that [...]

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The Professor Of IPB Who Won International Award

A few months ago GNFI posted an article about several students of Bogor Agricultural University who won the first and the second place in international food competition held by IFT in its Annual Meeting and Food Expo 2010 (read again here).  Now, it’s time for the lecturer of IPB who’s worth an applause. A professor [...]

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Gili Islands, Lonely Planets Top 10 Regions for 2011

Most of us put Bali on top of our travel list. but Bali is not the only beautiful island in Indonesia, (though i have to admit that it is the only island which have more than 30 amazing sites to visit). Lombok is also perfect to be a place to spend your holiday. wanna know [...]

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Donations For Mentawai Tsunami Victims

As we all might have known, one of the best surf spots in the world, the island of Mentawai was swept off by a tsunami on October 25, 2010. [Update 11/4/10] GNFI local team in Mentawai reported so far 450 died, 66 missing, 499 lightly and heavily injured, and 15,000 refugees. It’s reported that food [...]

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