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A Much-Needed Shark Sanctuary

Indonesia has declared a vast sanctuary for sharks, turtles and manta rays in a region known as one of the world’s richest sources of marine biodiversity, officials and conservationists said Tuesday. The sanctuary covers 46,000 square kilometres (17,760 square miles) of waters around the Raja Ampat islands in eastern Indonesia, part of the so-called Coral [...]

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Indonesia In International Robotic Competitions

Indonesia recently won a gold medal in the World Robotic Olympiad which was held in SMX Convention Center Hall, Manila, Filipina, on November 6, 2010. At the category Robot Soccer, Indonesian team’s robot, I Pad, beat other robots of other teams from 20 countries. This gold medal is the only medal that our country achieved [...]

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Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 20: Instant Noodle)

What is the most popular instant noodle in Indonesia? It’s obvious that the answer is Indomie. Anyway, Indomie is not only popular in Indonesia, it is also well-known in many parts of the world. The most famous variant from Indomie is Indomie Mie Goreng. Indomie Mi goreng is an instant noodles product line made under the Indomie [...]

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An Inspiring Journey from Omar Niode

It’s true that everybody will die, but not everyone will leave something worthy to the rest of the world. Something that would be remembered by many people, longer than the lifetime.  Chairil Anwar and Soe Hok Gie are the best example of young Indonesian who passed away when they were still young but still become [...]

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Obama’s Remark at the University of Indonesia (Full Version)

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT IN JAKARTA University of Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Terima kasih. Terima kasih, thank you so much, thank you, everybody. Selamat pagi. (Applause.) It is wonderful to be here at the University of Indonesia. To the faculty and the staff and the students, and to Dr. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, thank you so much [...]

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Green Cities Are Indonesia’s Future

I can tell you that Indonesia is home to newly built cities scaterred over the nation, where modern, green, and well-planned buildings, offices, and city layout is a must. In Jakarta and its surrounding area, there are tens of such cities covers an area 10 times larger of Singapore. Bintaro Jaya, Kota Modern, Kota Wisata, [...]

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11 World Heritage Objects in Indonesia

Until this year there are 11 Indonesian objects out of approximately 890 objects around the world which are awarded as World Heritage by UNESCO. These World Heritage objects may get sponsored by World Heritage Fund under certain conditions. The World Heritage objects located in Indonesia are listed as follows: World Heritage of Nature Indonesia has [...]

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New Branches of Bank Mandiri

Bank Mandiri, the largest bank in Indonesia in term of assets, loans and deposits, recently opened a branch Office in Shanghai, China. The bank which has more than 900 branches spread across three different time zones in the Indonesian archipelago, now officially has 6 branches abroad: Bank Mandiri Singapore Branch, operate under offshore bank license [...]

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What an Expat Say About Living in Surabaya

If we have the chance to live in Surabaya (for those who doesn’t live there) we would probably live happily in the capital city of East Java. It’s easy for us to get accustomed to, because we’re Indonesian. But will a foreigner english teacher say the same thing about Surabaya? Laura Ambrey is a teacher, [...]

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The Stars for The Heroes

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono bestowed the title of national hero and other honors on several deceased freedom fighters, artists and cultural activists who made significant contributions to the nation, at an award ceremony at the State Palace on Thursday. National Hero Title recipients: 1. The late Moluccan freedom fighter Johannes Leimena. . 2. The late [...]

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