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Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 16: Oral Care)

Do you know that many people in Africa use Indonesia’s brand toothbrush?  I know it sounds unlikely as it is so far from here, but they really do. In fact, this Indonesia’s home-grown brand also flies as far as Tahiti, Barbados , and other countries frequently overlooked in the map. It has been exported to as many [...]

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Koprol, A Local Site That Attracts Yahoo!

The GNFI team has reviewed a little about Koprol, so here is the full explanation. Are you a big social-networking fan? A Facebook user? An active Tweeter? Or a Kaskus addict? Then you really should try this one: Yahoo! Koprol. By the way, before we start, I think we should know what’s the word ‘koprol’ means. Koprol [...]

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‘Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini’ Goes To Academy Awards

Who said that Indonesian movie will never be good enough to compare with Hollywood movies?  Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini (How Funny This Country Is), a movie directed by Deddy Mizwar, has been chosen to represent Indonesia in the Academy Awards 2011, the biggest movie festival  in the world. “The Academy Awards requests every country to [...]

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[Compilation] Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 1-15)

Up to date, GNFI has featured 15 different products of Indonesian brands that are sold worldwide. Now, just like those very famous rock bands that release a best compilation album, GNFI would like to post an Indonesia’s Global Brands compilation. We really hope that this list will give you another insight of how potentially good [...]

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August 2010 Trade Is Sure Plus!

Indonesia recorded exports of US$13.71 billion in August, while imports reached US$12.22 billion, resulted in a trade surplus of US$1.49 billion, against trade deficit of US$130 million in July, the Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS) announced on Friday. The country’s exports rebound by 9.8 percent in August from US$12.29 billion in July, and up 30 [...]

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Of Van Volker And The German Muscle Cars

Are you Mercedes-Benz car owner? Did you know that one of the essential parts of your car is made in Indonesia? Without publicly known, Mercedes-Benz and BMW use exhaust brands made in Indonesia, called Van Volker, whose process is done in Purbalingga, Central Java. The German luxury car company has ordered thousands of units of [...]

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WALI’s Songs in Europe

This is a kind of  old-yet-new story, but still worth to read. An excellent news came from a local band which jumped to fame with its single Cari Jodoh (Seeking a Soulmate), WALI. Two of WALI’s song “Cari jodoh” and “Baik Baik Sayang” have been translated to English and sang by Fabrizio Fanelli, an Eurovision [...]

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