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Forget Brazil, Russia, China, and India!

When it comes to emerging market investing, there’s no doubt that the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – dominate the headlines. Sure, they’re big, important countries. And together, they make up roughly 50% of the iShares MSCI Emerging Market Index ,which is obviously a significant chunk of the ETF. But what about [...]

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The Kingdom of Srivijaya and Boeing

Besides the gigantic Lion Air, Indonesia is host to many other privately-owned airlines, Batavia Air, Mandala Air, and Sriwijaya Air are 3 major airlines carry millions of passenger every year and fly both domestically and internationally. GNFI has many times posted about Lion Air, Mandala, and Batavia Air. It’s now Sriwijaya Air’s turn. Sriwijaya’s name [...]

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The World Owes Indonesia (Part III)

I was having my class, listening to my lecturer on the application of hukum adat (adat/traditional law) in this globalized world when she then explained something that surprises me a lot. She told the class that Production Sharing Contract (PSC) was initially based on an Indonesian Tradition. That form of contract is now adopted by many countries. [...]

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They brought us confidence

As requested, GNFI is posting pictures from Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI)’s anniversary celebration, Oct 5 2010. It was their 65th anniversary, and what i’d been expecting was…pictures of the defile and parades of the soldiers and the war machines. They bring me confidence. How about you? (Photos from Kaskus, Detikcom, )

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Indonesia and the MDGs

I was asked by someone on Indonesia’s achievements on MDGs yesterday, i was so stunned because it was so unexpected question, i have been thinking that i knew much about Indonesia’s progress towards prosperity, but when question on MDG was shot, it was a bare proof that know nothing But wait. I had been working [...]

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The echo of Angklung in Europe

Everyone knows that angklung is a traditional musical instrument, and it’s made from a particular bamboo that only grow in Indonesia. But, not many Indonesian knows that angklung is also popular in European countries. Wanna know why? Because Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMAN 3 Bandung made that happen. KPA 3 is an angklung music group consisting [...]

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Good Momentum For Indonesia’s Economy

It is now the first time since the 1998 crisis, the Indonesian economy gets the best momentum into the path of sustainable growth accelerated towards its maximum potential. It never happened before where so many positive factors present simultaneously. Composite stock price index has crossed 3,500. Rupiah rose slowly and has been long enough to survive in the [...]

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Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 17: Fragrance)

What cologne do you usually put on? If you like to use an international brand of perfume, than you really should try Pucelle. Girls in Indonesia must be very familiar with this brand, but in case you don’t know, Pucelle is a brand of cologne that is made in Indonesia. This perfume comes from PT [...]

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A Story Of North Korea And Its National Flower

In the western countries, North Korea is always associated with dictatorship, nuclear weapon, poverty, nightmares. Many try to neglect its absolute beauty of its people, its culture, its collective dance, its scenery, and its flower. If I am offered to go overseas, the first country I’ll pick is not Hongkong, or France, I’ll surely prefer [...]

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Indonesia Claws Its Way To Economic Superpower Status

By Palash R. Ghosh | October 2, 2010 Indonesia is one of the “rising stars” of emerging Asia and some economists believe this vast nation will one day become a regional superpower, behind only China and India, as global economic activity increasingly shifts towards east Asia, away from the faltering developed nations of the west [...]

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