Jeffrey Sachs Over Indonesia

16. September, 2009 Feature 4 comments

“It is not fair to compare Indonesia with it’s neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, or any other country in the world in that case. Indonesia has changed from a totally centralized country to a decentralized country virtually overnight. Indonesia has changed from a Dictatorship to a Democracy virtually overnight. Indonesia has changed to a liberal country virtually overnight. No other country has been through what Indonesia has been through virtually overnight. The closest example is the USSR. When the USSR split up, it experienced similar changes to what Indonesia had, virtually overnight. In that condition, Russia’s economy had a NEGATIVE growth that year. In that same condition, Indonesia’s Economy GREW. It had POSITIVE growth. If I were an Indonesian, I would be proud of that achievement. And I would predict a much brighter future”.

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  1. isalrhan

    10 / 10 / 2009 9:44 am

    I’m glad to see his speech, yes, I am. But, sorry, who is that guy? Jeffrey Sachs I don’t know him. Admin please tell me.


  2. Hanif

    2 / 10 / 2011 12:59 am
    he’s truly right. and no other country has many corruption and absurd birocracy like Indonesia.
    However! we. the young people are the generation of change. we have to change those pathetic many indonesian leaders (not all) in the upcoming years. yes, I’m optimistic, we can. =D





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