Europe on Screen Opens Its Doors in Jakarta

(The Jakarta Globe): Twenty years of European culture comes to the big screen in Indonesia with the annual film festival, Europe on Screen, now in its fifth year. The festival kicked off in Yogyakarta on Friday and will run for one month in seven cities.

Showcasing 24 feature-length films and one short produced in the span of two decades from 21 European countries, the film festival focuses on the theme “Old and Young Europe,” reflecting the cultural coexistence of youthful dynamism and long-standing traditions in Europe.

“Whatever area of cultural life you take, Europe has both old and new to offer in a dynamic mix,” said Julian Wilson, the head of the European Union delegation in Indonesia.

This year’s festival sees a sharp decrease in the number of films presented, compared to last year’s 40-plus movies.

“We decided to reduce the number of films screened this year in order to improve the quality of the festival. Therefore, we chose only the best film from each country, although there are a few countries that will present two films,” said Lulu Ratna, the Europe on Screen director and spokeswoman.

“With the number of films reduced, we realize that will affect the number of people coming to the festival. There will probably be around 6,000 people attending.”

Among the films featured in “Europe on Screen” are “Stationspiraten” (“Bold Heroes”) from Switzerland, “Balad Pro Banditu” (“Ballad for a Bandit”) from the Czech Republic and “Mommo” (“Mommo the Bogeyman”) from Turkey.

All films screened at the festival will be divided into sections or categories: Against the Odds, Crime and Misdemeanor, Family Affairs, Songs of Survival and Sprinkles of Laughter.

In the Against the Odds category, “Stationspiraten” is a must-see film that has been one of the most successful movies out of Switzerland in recent years. The 2010 production was nominated for best movie in the Swiss Film Prize Quartz in Luzern, where Scherwin Amini won in the Best Actor category.

Directed by Michael Schaere, “Stationspiraten” tells the story of five teenagers with cancer in a hospital ward. But the group finds happiness in each other’s company and manages to cope with uncertain lives.

Another highlight of the Festival is “Reminiscing Beatles Night,” a musical presentation by the band The Banery, which will be sponsored by the British Council. The show will follow the screening of “Nowhere Boy,” depicting the journey of music legend John Lennon through his early career. “Reminiscing Beatles Night” will play at Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, on Nov. 9.

Collaborating with the Jakarta Arts Council this year, Europe on Screen held a short-film competition to showcase works from Indonesia. The festival received some 69 entries from 19 cities across the country. The best nine films were short-listed and will be screened in a program called “EoS Short Film Competition Finalists 2011.”

Admission is free for all screenings. Tickets can be picked up 45 minutes before the show.
For more information:
Facebook: Europe on Screen | Festival Film Eropa
Twitter: @europeonscreen

Venues in Jakarta:

1. Erasmus Huis (320 seats)
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3,South Jakarta.
Tel. 021 524 1069

2. GoetheHaus (301 seats)
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15,Central Jakarta
Tel. 021 2355 0208

3. IFI Jakarta/CCF (47 seats)
Jl. Salemba Raya 25,Central Jakarta
Tel. 021 390 8585

4. Istituto Italiano Di Cultura (100 seats)
Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto 117, Menteng, Central Jakarta
Tel. 021 392 7531

5. Kineforum Jakarta (45 seats)
Taman Ismail Marzuki (behind Galeri Cipta 3)
Jl. Cikini Raya 73,Central Jakarta
Tel. 021 316 2780

6. Epicentrum XXI, Studio 1 (502 seats)
Epicentrum Walk Ground Floor Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta
Tel. 021 2994 1300


Cobalah untuk mengetik “Stanlee Rabidin Kabur Kanginan” ketika berkesempatan mampir ke situs video ternama, YouTube. Anda akan menemukan sebuah video lagu berbahasa Jawa yang dibalut nuansa pop progresif yang enak didengar. Sang penyanyi tak lain adalah Stanlee Rabidin, seorang penyanyi keturunan Jawa berkebangsaan Suriname.

Stanlee Rabidin adalah seorang seniman yang dikenal memiliki kecintaan yang tinggi terhadap kebudayaan leluhurnya yang berasal dari tanah Jawa, bahkan lewat lagu ini pun ia berusaha mengajak generasi muda untuk kembali ke akar budayanya sehingga tidak celaka dalam hidup.

Sebagai penyanyi, Stanlee telah berkiprah sejak tahun 1992 lewat albumnya yang berjudul Le Freak. Ia juga konsisten dengan mengusung lagu-lagu berbahasa Jawa sebagai karya utamanya, di antara lagu-lagunya yang menjadi hits adalah Idjen Wae, Petani, serta Ben Aku Sing Sengsara. Reputasinya pun makin melejit setelah ia hijrah ke negeri kincir angin, Belanda, untuk melebarkan sayapnya ke kancah internasional serta merilis situs pribadinya.

Lewat fasilitas chat Facebook, ia sempat mengungkapkan kekagumannya terhadap Indonesia kepada saya, bahkan ia telah menciptakan sebuah lagu berjudul “Malioboro” yang berisi ungkapan kekagumannya terhadap suasana kota Yogyakarta di malam hari. Dalam album terbarunya, ia juga meng-cover lagu lawas milik mendiang Broery Marantika, Widuri, ke dalam bahasa Jawa. Stanlee juga tak lupa menyatakan keinginannya untuk bisa tampil di Indonesia untuk menyebarkan pesan cinta budaya kepada generasi muda.

Nah, Stanlee saja yang hidup ribuan mil dari Indonesia saja masih demikian pedulinya dalam melestarikan budaya leluhurnya; bagaimanakah dengan kita sebagai warga negara Indonesia, siapkah kita untuk mengabarkan budaya asli Indonesia ke kancah global? ?

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Indonesia Wins Best Style Dress Award in Miss Asia-Pacific World 2011

Miss Tourism Indonesia Alessandra Khadijah Usman won the Best Style Dress Award in the Miss Asia-Pacific World 2011 contest in South Korea on Saturday.

“The Best Style Dress Award was based on the contestant’s appearance and attire,” Miss Indonesia Foundation spokesman Ahmad R Subing said, as quoted by

Alessandra also came close to being crowned Miss Asia-Pacific World 2011, finishing as third runner up in the competition.

Korean Park Sae Byul won the title, beating France’s Florima Treiber and Russia’s Anna Botova who were named first and second runners up respectively.

The 2011 event marked Indonesia’s first ever participation in the competition, impressively shrugging off strong competition from England, Sweden, Holland, Canada and the US.


News source: The Jakarta Post

Bandung to host Indonesia’s international piano competition next year

(The Jakarta Post): Indonesia’s well-known pianist Ananda Sukarlan has initiated an international piano competition that will be held next year in Bandung, West Java.

Ananda will cooperate with Bandung International Music Academy (BIMA) to hold the ASA-BIMA International Piano Competition. The competition is scheduled from July 9 to July 14, 2012.

The events will be divided in three categories: senior (under 26), junior (under 16) and elementary (under 11). Total prizes offered in the competition amount to Rp 50 million (US$5,652).

The participants are expected to play pieces from world class pianists such as Mozart, Bach as well as one piece from an Indonesian composer.

The competition is expected to enhance Indonesia’s presence on the world music map.

Youth, Sports Expo to be Held in Jakarta

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs will organize a “Youth and Sports Expo” in the form of a Youth and Sports Indonesia festival outside the Bung Karno Sports Stadium on October 22-23, 2011.

The festival will be held to enliven the 83th anniversary celebrations of the Youth Pledge.

Besides the expo which will be attended by hundreds of participants from youth and sports organizations throughout the country, the festival is also designed as a center for various activities for creative child community.

“The ministry of sports and youth will provide 400 stands free of charge to accommodate excellent works of Indonesian youths from various parts of the country,” Lalu Wildan of the Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry said.

He said that there would also be supportive stands from community and creative industries and sports industry.

The festival will also be enlivened with various attractions, contests, fun-bikes and arts performance in four stages.

Wildan said that tens of band groups and arts troupes had registered online at

“In essence, this is the festivity of the youths, and is forum for them to express their creativity, channel their talents and achievements,” he said.

Anyway, GNFI has already been registered as participant of the festival. So don’t forget to visit GNFI’s booth!


News source: ANTARA News

Indonesia Set to Host World Recreational Sports Games in 2016

The Recreational Sports Federation for the Indonesian Society (FORMI) says that it will organize a National Recreational Sports Festival (FORNAS) in which participants will compete in 18 different events.

The festival which will be held in Jakarta from Oct. 6-9, will include traditional games.

The festival will also boast seven exhibitions and five festivals and is part of the federation’s effort in shaping itself to host an international recreational sporting event in 2016.

“This sporting event is also preparation for our becoming host of the World Recreational Sports Games in 2016,” FORMI chairman Haryono Isman said on Monday as quoted by

Haryono added that the 2016 World Recreational Sports Games would have participants from 100 countries, with each country displaying their own characterized sport.

The event, governed by The Association of International Sport for All (TAFISA), is run every four years and has so far been staged five times.


News source: The Jakarta Post

Tayangan Lokal di Negeri Seberang

Anda meragukan selera hiburan tayangan televisi negara tetangga,
Malaysia? Nampaknya Anda harus berpikir lebih panjang lagi jika Anda
masih meragukannya. Apabila sedang bepergian ke negeri jiran, coba
setel saluran Astro Bintang, atau Astro Pelangi, disitu Anda akan
merasa seperti di negeri sendiri.

“Filem-filem bermutu dan terbaru serta telemovie dan filem retro dari
Indonesia kini di saluran Pelangi. Saksikan satu saluran khas 24 jam
yang menyiarkan karya-karya terbaik dari seberang. Lengkap dengan
sarikata Bahasa Malaysia” Itulah deskripsi salah satu saluran televisi
Astro, yang khusus menayangkan berbagai movie-movie dari Indonesia.
Ingin menonton tayangan seperti Heart, Brownies, dan Saus Kacang, dan
lain-lainnya dari negeri jiran? Silakan setel saluran Astro Pelangi.

Apabila Anda sedang bepergian ke Malaysia dan kangen akan tayangan
komedi seperti Opera van Java, reality show seperti Bukan Empat Mata,
sinetron Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, dan lain-lainnya, Anda tinggal setel
ke saluran Astro Bintang. “Satu saluran yang memberikan hiburan
Indonesia tanpa henti, gossip, drama, komedi, program reality, muzik,
dan juga bual bicara. 24 jam tanpa henti, dengan sarikata Bahasa
Malaysia”, seperti itulah deskripsi saluran Astro Bintang menurut
website Astro,

Berbanggalah Indonesia, karena tidak sedikit tayangan-tayangan karya
anak bangsa yang cukup terkenal di negeri seberang!

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Mr. Big Certainly Gets Bigger in Indonesia

Remember the song “Just Take My Heart” or “Wild World”? Indonesian people will soon be able to sing along live as the singer Mr. Big is scheduled to visit Indonesia in December.

“Mr. Big has confirmed they will perform in Indonesia,” head of marketing for Guinness Indonesia, Herman Sulina, said on Thursday as quoted by

The group that reunited in 2009 will perform in an event to commemorate the founder of Guinness brewery, Arthur Guinness. The Californian group will perform in Medan, North Sumatra on Dec. 3; Surabaya, East Java on Dec.7 and Makassar, South Sulawesi on Dec. 12.

The commemoration will also be held in Jakarta on Nov. 12, with an Irish band, The Script, performing, said Herman. Aside from the two foreign bands the event will also present domestic bands such as Gugun Blues Shelter, Mike’s and /rif.

Laskar Pelangi Musical to Perform in S’pore Next Month

Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warriors) Musical will step on the international stage as it is scheduled to perform at the Esplanade Theater on the Bay in Singapore on Oct.1-Oct.2, 2011.

The show will be performed in Indonesian with Malay and Belitong accents. “We will give an English introduction in every scene transition,” producer Mira Lesmana said Saturday as quoted by

Noted Indonesian filmmakers Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza first adapted the novel of similar title for the silver screen. They later created the stage adaptation of Andrea Hirata’s story of children studying in a ramshackle school on Belitung Island.

Director Riri Riza said he had to focus on retraining and reminding all show actors and actresses that performed in the show in July.

“We have to adjust the show to suit with the 1,900-capacity theater,” said Riri.

The Laskar Pelangi musical involves 18 children, 29 artists, 22 musicians and 46 supporting crew members. The performance will hold three shows.


News Source: The Jakarta Post

7 Countries to Participate in “West Java People’s Feast 2011″

Seven countries are to take part in an exhibition dubbed “West Java People’s Feast – De Syukron 2011″ to be held in Bandung on Saturday, a provincial capital investment official said.

“The people’s feast is intended to be a medium for interaction and exchanges among business players in West Java and to strengthen their innovative and inspirational capacities,” Yusuf Wibisono, head of promotions at West Java’s Capital Investment Coordinating Board, said here Wednesday.

The seven foreign participants were China, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and South Korea. Besides displaying their products, the exhibition participants would also present artistic and cultural shows.

The De Syukron 2011 event was a continuation of the West Java provincial administration’s program dubbed Cooperatives & Halal Fair 2011 held some time ago. The event organized by the BKPMD would be one of a series to mark the 66th anniversary of West Java province.

The event would last all day and display a host of products that were innovative, creative, unique and inspiring from the districts as well as cities in West Java which could be explored and developed. Local participants would among others be regional administration task force units, the community of creative industries, creative cuisine including the elements of higher education institutions.

Meanwhile, the attractions of art and culture would present a four-stage entertainment stages, namely traditional, modern main and club stages. In addition, there would be a “helaran” attraction or a fashion parade in the streets, a “kaulinan urang lembur” as well as other attractions.

“The De Syukron event will show to the world that West Java is a comfortable and secure area for investment,” Yusuf said. The most spectacular attraction during the exhibition would be a video display of a Gedung Sate (a landmark building) mapping, the largest of its kind in Indonesia.


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