365Indonesia Day 32 – Underwater Scenery of Sangalaki Island

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It’s been a while for me not posting  photos because I’m too busy admiring how beautiful Indonesia is.

Well then, welcome to Sangalaki island. It is located in East Kalimantan, 45 minutes from Derawan island if we take a speedboat to go there. Sangalaki island is known for manta rays and turtles. Not only that, it also known as the most important green turtles nesting in Southeast Asia, perhaps even in the world. If you want to see the turtles laying eggs, you have to stay in Sangalaki because turtles laying eggs at night. It is about 10-30 turtles nesting in Sangalaki every night year-round. Moreover, there are also turtles conservations conducted by Turtles Foundation NGO, removing turtles eggs in the morning to safer place.


Manta Rays photo taken from: www.wisatakita.com
Turtles photo taken from: www.beritalingkungan.com



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