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Millions of Indonesians to Have Electronic ID Cards

JAKARTA, – Of the total 172 million eligible people in Indonesia, 67 million living in 187 districts/cities in the country will get electronic identity (e-ID) cards this year.

“The remaining 105 million in 300 districts/cities (will have e-ID cards) in 2012,” Dr Hammam Riza, head of the communications and information technology center of the Technology Application and Study Agency (BPPT), said here Thursday.

Dr Hammam was optimistic that the target would be achieved as scheduled. In 2010, e-ID card pilot projects were carried out in six sub districts in six districts, by involving around 150,000 residents.

The program of the life-long National Identification Numbers (NIK) has been carried out nation-wide from 2010 to 2011. In the e-ID cards, 8-kb chips containing 27 kinds of data and using 10 finger-print and eye biometric system of each resident, will be inserted.

“The objective of the e-ID cards is to prevent ID forgery or double, so every resident will only have one ID. Besides, the e-ID cards can also be used for other purposes, such as banking, taxation, insurance and Direct Cash Assistance,” he said.

The home affairs ministry has allocated a budget amounting to Rp6.3 trillion from the state budget for the application of the e-ID cards, including for the logistics such as cards, card readers, finger print scanners, cameras, signature pads, servers, and trainings for 40,000 operators in every district/city.

“It’s now in the stage of tender,” he said, adding that most of the equipment has to be imported. Multi-function e-ID cards have been applied in Jembrana District, Bali Province, by using “smart cards” with chips but without biometric.

“Jembrana District is a success example, but later on, they have to change their Jembrana ID cards to the national e-ID cards because the national Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) checking is different,” he said. India and China have applied e-ID cards, he said. India uses biometric system without chips, while China uses chips without biometric system.

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  1. nn says:

    Maaf..mau kasih saran.. harusnya di kolom :this post was written by.
    kata2nya di ganti, karena sy yakin berita yg dicantumin kbykn dari sumber lain, so, seharusnya:
    XXX (author name) – who has re-posted xxx(number) of pasts on GNFI.
    bukan who has written

    maaf klo kurang berkenan.

    • Ian says:

      Halo nn,

      Long time no see :D
      Iya, saya setuju soal author info. Maaf nih kita blm bisa utak-atik template-nya, itu fitur bawaan jadinya otomatis ky gitu. Bisa bantu modif template ga? Atau ada teman yang bisa?


  2. nn says:

    halo bung Ian,
    maaf, sy ga ahli dlm hal template-an website.
    masih di USA??..klo maen2 ke europe kasi tau, ya..kali aja bisa kopi darat..;)


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