I watched MetroTV last nite, an english program tittled “International Perspective on Indonesia”, where two good native speakers were on, one is Chief of British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, John..something, the other is one of my most fave Malaysians, Karim Raslan. The dialog was hosted by one of Indonesia’s best journalist and reporters, Desi Anwar. It was mostly talking about Indonesia’s growing role in International stage, the challenge ahead, and the homeworks left unfinished by SBY’s past administration.
And Karim Raslan, an UK-educated Malaysian, halving his life to live in Malaysia and Indonesia, frequently addressed the relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia. He understands clearly that both side should strive for closer and sweeter relationship. He said, it’s important for Malaysians to embark from a conservative idea, where most of em think that Indonesia is only about migrant workers. Malaysians now should put tightly this thought in their minds that ..Indonesia is now positioning itself at the same level as China and India. Indonesia is now seen globally as the NEXT after China and India. Indonesia is a land of opportunity, a country Malaysia should work with, else, Malaysia will be left alone behind.

Indonesians and Malaysians smiled to each other..yesterday.

In the other hand, Indonesia should also do whatever it takes to maintain the relationship with all neighbors (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia), as it is now the beacon of Southeast Asia in terms of stability, growth, and democracy. Indonesia should also understand, in particular with Malaysia, that the later is an “economic animal” (that’s what he said), nothing much else to do, so to keep up with Malaysia’s economic growth, Indonesia need to promote more, work more, without leaving the character and identity.
Karim continued ” Indonesia and Malaysia have the same DNA, but were raised differently, we speak the same language, and there’s no way it can be separated. We need each other…” GNFI is always committed to promote a closer and tighter relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia, to which both may generate a super-dooper benefit from this. As a heard, many Indonesians and Malaysians are also engaged in inter-personal relationship…this is towards the marriage of the two country..soon.