The 5 most romantic beaches in Indonesia

To some, “romantic” can mean a secluded, pristine island. To others, it may be a classy beach club spoiling its guests with smooth cocktails and silky sheets.

Whatever your definition of a romantic getaway may be, these coastlines in the archipelago will provide a gorgeous setting to start with.


Ungasan Beach, Bali

The beach in Ungasan has the winning combination of a secluded beach, gorgeous views and access to classy beach clubs.

Located just below high cliffs, you will traverse hundreds of stairs to reach the beach. However, if you go from either the Nammos Kandara Beach Club or Semara Finn’s Beach Club then you will have access to their inclinator, which is quite fancy and thus might give you a chance to impress your partner.

Nammos charges each person Rp 250,000 (US$25.90), which will earn you a credit of Rp 100,000 to be spent on food and beverage, while Finn’s Beach Club has a minimum-spending policy of Rp 250,000 per person at their bar.

By paying that amount you are eligible to stay at the clubs all day and benefit from facilities such as a sunbed, towels, beach toys for the kids, showers, toilets and kayaks. Nammos has a bonus, holding a movie screening every Monday night at the beach.

Go to Ungasan Beach by heading to Uluwatu until you find Jl. Krukuk Setra Ungasan and keep going south from there.

Kanawa Island, Flores

If your definition of a perfect romantic getaway haven is a white-sand winding beach, this little island in Komodo National Park has even more than that. It is a paradise, above and below the surface.

Just a few steps away from the fine sands is an incredible variety of underwater life. You don’t have to dive to see a school of barracuda, lion fish, sea turtles, bat fish, napoleon fish or even reef sharks. Simply go for a snorkel in the shallow water and find yourself in another world.

The corals are –thankfully -  healthy and the visibility is amazing. Swim a little further to the other side of the island to find a secluded spot perfect for romance.

The Kanawa Island Resort is the only resort on the island. It is an eco-resort that provides limited electricity and water. Electricity is available in the evenings and water between 5 pm and 9 pm and in the mornings. But who needs all of that when you have love and nature’s breathtaking beauty?


Jimbaran Beach, Bali

The coast of Jimbaran comprises several beach areas interrupted by cliffs, instead of being one long stretch of sand like Kuta Beach.

With the coast facing the west, Jimbaran boasts a beautiful sunset view. Its most popular spot is the long beach just south of Ngurah Rai airport.

Towards the end of the day, this particular spot turns into a place for a romantic dinner by the sea. You will have plenty of seafood
restaurants to choose from, and it is advised to check the menu first before settling on a place or you could end up complaining about the high price.

A seafood platter for 2 people is available for as low as US$18. You won’t be disturbed by loud music here, as the chosen entertainment is from the acoustic bands.

If some luxury is doable on your trip, then the Four Seasons or Ayana is a recommended choice, as those places even have their own isolated beaches.  Jimbaran is located south of the airport. Take a right turn at Benoa Square intersection and you are already very close.


Pulau Burung, Belitung

Do the beaches featured in The Blue Lagoon  or Cast Away embody your idea of a temporary love nest? Try Burung Island then.

The island is blessed with white sand, very calm water and unique rock formations. On a perfect day you will find this beach on par with those in the Maldives. There are also plenty of secluded parts along the coast, thanks to the giant rocks that form the island.

The nearest accommodation are on Pulau Kepayang, or Pulau Babi (Pig Island) as the locals call it -  only ten minutes away using a local fisherman’s boat. But if you want something more upscale, the Lor In Resort in Tanjung Tinggi Beach is the best option in Belitung.


South Lombok Beaches

Chances are you will fall in love when you set eyes on these beaches, which stretch longer than the runway of an international airport and have sand that feels pleasantly soft under your feet.

Kuta Beach Lombok, Mawun Beach, Mawie Beach, Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan, and the one in front of Novotel Beach Resort, are all adjacent to each other on one coastline. The sand grains in these beaches are larger than average beach sand, but it has stunning scenery, with savanna hills in the background.

The small bay of Kuta Beach is perfect for a dip and splash in the water. Mawie Beach’s perfect waves make it popular with surfers but its lovely scenery also makes it a good spot to relax and sunbathe. Tanjung Aan beach, meanwhile, is famous for its picturesque sunsets

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