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Hydrokinetic Energy From The Lombok Strait

As a country that has tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia has the energy derived from waves and ocean currents are large. One that can be developed is the utilization of the kinetic force of ocean currents in the strait. An area that has great potential for generating electricity hydrokinetic the Sunda Strait, the Strait of Bali and Lombok Strait.

BJ Habibie, former President of Indonesia who is also former Minister of Research and Technology presented his ideas as the keynote speaker at the event on renewable energy for the future of organized non-governmental organizations in the field of environment and renewable energy, including nuclear, in Jakarta. NGOs are Care Community Energy and Environment (MPEL), Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (METI), Association of Indonesian Nuclear Society (HIMNI), Institute of Nuclear Energy (IEN), and Women in Nuclear (WIN) Indonesia.

According to this flight technology experts , the kinetic force in the straits area was high because the pressure to collect the current from the open sea. Sunda Strait currents supplied from the South China Sea. Meanwhile, Bali and Lombok Strait have ocean currents flow through the Pacific Ocean Strait of Makassar. “In the Lombok Strait’s current is the strongest recorded in Indonesia,” Habibie said.

Seeing the strait location near Java and Bali, according to a source of renewable energy has the potential to meet the needs of electric power in the interconnection Jamali (Java, Madura, Bali) in the future.

Kinetic power in the sea currents of Lombok Strait can be utilized to pump water up to the cliffs on the coast of East Bali. Furthermore seawater was used to drive turbines in artificial reservoirs that can be built in the area. “Management of the potential of this ocean currents as a generator can be offered to private parties as well as oil fields off the coast,” he continued.

Still expensive

In response to Habibie‘s thought , Energy Resource Development Director of BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology), which is also Energy Society of Indonesia, Unggul Priyanto, Friday (5/2/2010) says, the potential energy of the sea has been studied by BPPT. The result, not satisfactory as a generator for an expensive investment. “Until now hydrokinetic in the world is still in the research stage, no one has the commercial process for electricity production because the cost per kWh generated is still very expensive,” he said.

Meanwhile, the use of ocean waves in coastal Lombok, Rusyana Hoetman Agus explained, Assistant Deputy Engineering Develeopment division, Research and Technology Ministry has actually been studied for utilization in small scale by a team of researchers from the University of Mataram led by I Made Adi Sayogya. Ocean currents energy is converted into mechanical energy to drive the water pumps to meet the water needs for agriculture and clean water on the coast.

Meanwhile, to meet the electricity needs on the island of Lombok, University of Mataram also developed a system of Micro Hydro power generation semi-floating type of tunnel, to help people on the riverbank get cheaper electricity environmentally friendly. In the depth of 2 meters, width of 2.75 meters, and a speed of  2.45 meters/seconds, the river can generate electricity with a hydrokinetic power of 3371 Watt.

Source: Kompas

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[GNFI Weekend Edition] Taking A Peek At Lombok

Dubbed as “unspoiled Bali” or “Bali’s sister island”, Lombok is (almost) everything Bali is not. But that is precisely what prompts many to visit the island.

While it takes only 20 minutes of flying time for Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 737-400 to bring you from Ngurah Rai airport in Bali to Mataram, the capital city of Lombok, the two islands are actually worlds apart.
Lombok’s quite and undeveloped environment stands in marked contrast to that of Bali’s, beckoning travelers seeking a relaxed pace and spectacular natural beauty.
Most well-heeled tourists tend to gravitate towards Senggigi, a 10-kilometer strip along the coastal road north of Mataram, where most star-rated beach resorts and nightlife action are found.
Lombok is just as large as Bali and offers many tourism sites that suit all kinds of visitors. And the right time to visit Lombok is May, when the climate is perfect: bright, sunny days amidst lush greenery.
The population of Lombok, which forms part of the Province of West Nusa Tenggara, is no more than three million. As such, many with no hidden interest or pretense actually wish to see Lombok remain as is: quite, natural and pure.
But such thoughts may not be fair to the local community, which can make strides only if the tourism business grows. On the other hand, that can only happen if physical development in the forms of infrastructure and other public facilities takes place.
Lombok is not a place that offers surfing, diving and snorkeling opportunities only, but also beautiful woven textiles like songkets and ikats that can be used as a sarong, wall decoration and tableware. Check out the traditional hand weaving village in Puyung, Central Lombok, if you’re a collector of fine textiles.
Lombok is also gaining fame for its pottery that comes in all shapes and sizes. Its popularity is such that many of it are now shipped throughout the world. Look no further than Banyumulek (West Lombok), Penujak (Central Lombok) and Masbagik (East Lombok), the three villages most famous for making pottery.
Many of their traditional handicrafts deserve to be taken back home as souvenirs, namely wooden masks, ketak grass baskets, wooden boxes embedded with fragments of sea shells, or bamboo- and rattan-based items.
Lombok now appears to be entering a tourist boom of sort. As Bali is seen overcommercialized over the past few years, marked by unbearable congestion and less open, natural spaces, many tourists now nod towards the charms of ‘undiscovered’ Lombok. With this new interest comes the development of a number of posh boutique resorts on the island, serving quality food and drinks just as Bali was decades ago.
Emaar, the Dubai-based property company, is reportedly set to develop a new town in Central Lombok by investing US$600 million. Its main feature is a 7km natural waterfront that complements a marina, golf course, luxury residences and five-star resorts managed by The Ritz-Carlton.
If after overexposure to the beach, sand and sun begins to work on your nerves, make time to visit Mataram. The city is beginning to display signs of a metropolitan in the making in the way of a shopping mall well-stocked with general consumer and electronic goods.
It may take five to ten years before Lombok achieves what Bali has attained: “the world’s most favorite island resort” as voted by readers of Travel+Leisure. But this is perhaps all the more reason for you to visit Lombok now.

Source: Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine

Text by Taufik Darusman Photos by Jan Dekker

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Bali, The Best Island In Asia Pacific

Kompas reported on Bali as the best island in Asia Pacific according to a Hong Kong based magazine, DestinAsia. It’s such an honor, but is it that surprising? Bali has snatched that title four times already. Apparently foreign tourists still love Bali so much.

A beautiful resort in Bali

I bet there are still hundreds, or even thousands, of islands in Indonesian archipelago that would be the next best island, only if they were as well-known as Bali. Check out Lombok, Sikuai Island, and some other natural islands! Don’t be surprised if soon in the future the list of 10 Best Islands would be all Indonesian’s.

Credit: Thanks to Anak Indonesia for the tip.

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Indonesia’s Tourism Going Wild

Tour de Singkarak 2009

Indonesia’s tourism is going wild, in a good way, of course. After spending about Rp 6 billion on Tour de Singkarak, the Culture and Tourism Ministry is betting hard left and right to boost Indonesia’s tourism industry. The Jakarta Post reported that the latest attempt was to stitch the Visit Indonesia Year 2009 logo on Manchester United’s jersey. This bid is certainly over the budget, but our government is still working on the negotiation. The Culture and Tourism Ministry has a promotional budget of Rp 289 billion this year.

After a massive promotion on Padang with its new resort of Sikuai Island, Lombok seems to be the next big project.

So, don’t miss it, visit Indonesia while you can! And be sure to fly with Garuda Indonesia from five cities in Europe and three cities in the U.S.!

Here are some pictures of the next Bali, Sikuai Island.

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World’s Best New Hotels 2009

Indonesia, has long been known to be the host for best hotel on planet earth. Once I watched a television program in the UK that mentioned Amankilla hotel in Bali was included in 10th world’s best hotel. Forbes Traveler has picked 50 new best hotels worldwide, with this stunning result:
- France is home to four of world’s best new hotel
- China hosts three
- Indonesia hosts two, UK hosts two
- Others only got one, each.

The prestigious Conde Nast Traveller “The Hot List 2009” also published the 70 top new hotels operating around the world. Two Indonesian hotels managed to make the “The Hot List 2009″, which happened to be the same hotels as rated by Forbes.

St Regis, Bali

Indonesia’s St Regis Bali, and Hotel Tugu Lombok, have successfully impressed the 400 travel experts. The St Regis has successfully transplanted their famously high level of service from an urban surrounding to a beachside environment, while Hotel Tugu used its owner’s collection of Indonesian antiques to decorate the property, even the guest rooms. It’s a strategy that’s worked for him before, notably at the Tugu Bali, which was among  the Forbes Traveler 400 last year.

Hotel Tugu, Lombok

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