New Orchid Is Found

→  April 5, 2010 2

(Thanks for Angka Mustafa for sharing this) Researcher from LIPI, Destario Metusala, found a new orchid species at Kalimantan, named Dendrobium Kelamense D.Metusala, P.O’Byrne dan J.J.Wood. The orchid is from genus Dendrobium section Calcarifera which have its center population in West Indonesia, especially in Sumatra island. And from 29 known species, 20 of them are endemic. Rio stated [...]

Much BIGGER Indonesia In 2020… (Let’s Hope!)

→  April 1, 2010 4

Challenges, or perhaps demands, that Indonesia should play a more active role in the global scene have been increasingly heard lately. To such demands, it is most probably that many Indonesians have high expectation to see their country to be in the significant place of world arena. Even the ordinary person on the street would be [...]

Where All The Planes Go?

→  April 1, 2010 10

I was somewhere in the Philippines in 2006 when I witnessed with my bare eyes that some of Philippines-based airlines (Asian Spirit airlines) used Indonesian-made CN-235. That time, i admit, i was surprised because all those while’ I’d kept on thinking that CN-235 only sold domestically inside Indonesia. Then I started to learn that Indonesia managed [...]

The Origin of Fokker

→  March 31, 2010 12

I refer to my converzation with someone who misspelled Fokker as Focker, and it led me to write this article. Fokker, a Ducth aircraft manufacturer, is undoubtedly one of world’s major aviation manufacturer besides Airbus, and Boeing, and it is one of the oldest one (been manufacturing aircraft since 1912. It has long lagging behind Boeing and Airbus [...]

Making The Most Of Makassar

→  March 31, 2010 5

While Makassar boasts what some claim to be the largest indoor theme park in the world — Trans Studio — a trip to the biggest city in Sulawesi might be better spent outdoors exploring the warm, clear waters of surrounding islands or venturing off for a visit to the cool stream that feeds the Bantimurung [...]

World’s Most Beautiful Undersea

→  March 30, 2010 5

If you like marine tourism, visit the Marine Conservation Area (MPA) Derawan Islands, Berau, East Kalimantan, newsworthy event. Although only developed into tourist attractions, the potential and beauty of the waters is not inferior to other regions. This region is the sea and mangrove areas are arranged for purposes of sustainable fisheries activities, marine tourism, [...]

Largest Spiderweb On Earth

→  March 30, 2010 2

RUTENG , located in Flores Island of Indonesia, is surrounded by stark, forested volcanic hills and rolling rice-paddy plains, it’s an archetypal hill town and a cool, relaxing place. The market just to the south is the central meeting point for the local Manggarai people, as Ruteng is their district capital. They speak their own language and [...]

Water Purification Skyscraper

→  March 29, 2010 13

Environmental problems in the future will be very important for human survival. But on the other hand development caused a lot of damage  in environment. Rahdian Rezza and team from Indonesia showed that the development can also be in harmony with the environment. They are second winner the design of skyscrapers by architectural magazine [...]

Disneyland: After Tokyo, Hongkong, Now In…

→  March 29, 2010 5

… Sukabumi! Yes, a small town two hours drive from Jakarta will host world’s most famous theme park, The Disneyland. It will come to reality when I accidentally google Bakrie Group’s website. It is said that PT Bakrieland Development is planning to expand its entertainment and recreational properties by building a Disneyland park, following the [...]

Indonesia’s Very Own Denim Now Sold Worldwide

→  March 29, 2010 4

New denim brands appear all the time, usually based in the US, sometimes Europe and occasionally Australia but it’s not often that I receive a mail from a new company established in Asia. Easton is a new company proudly and ethically producing denim in Indonesia. They have three types of denim – selvedge, coated and [...]