A Futuristic Car, “Made Of” Madura

→  December 16, 2009 3

In times to come, you’ll get used of the name, Lamborghini Madura. And do not get confused, Madura here is derived from an Island just 7 minutes away from Surabaya, Indonesia’s 2nd largest city in population. The designer of this great car sees the spirit, strength, and power of Madura’s very own culture, the Karapan [...]

Indonesian Best Young Engineer In Japan

→  November 24, 2009 0

Thank you for sharing this, readers. I am sure, there are thousands Indonesians out there bring pride to homeland. I can’t simply put them one by one here in GNFI, sorry. I’d like to post this though, even in a land of technology, a master in engineering called Japan, Indonesians do not stop getting awards. Japan Society [...]

Wimax Chipset, Made In Indonesia

→  November 24, 2009 1

PT Dama Persada, an electronic industry based in Bandung, Indonesia has successfully developed it’s WiMAX chipset called XIRKA System-on-Chip. According to Adiono Trio,Director of Design chipset PT Dama Persada, the chipset is designed to compatible with WiMAX technology or broadband wireless access. This chipset can be applied both in fixed and mobile WiMAX. XIRKA’s uniqueness is [...]

Indonesia’s Flying Spy

→  November 5, 2009 1

Do you know how to win a battle (or even a war) without losing (many) soldiers (lives)? Some of you might answer “Make peace, not war”. Well, that’s not exactly what I mean though. Some of you maybe have different answers. And that is… yeappp, gimme five, it’s the Un-Manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The US [...]

824 Villages Connected

→  September 1, 2009 0

This is made possible by Telkomsel; 824 out of 1.695 villages in West Sumatra are now connected in a communication and information network. The project is part of a government program, Universal Service Obligation (USO). The whole project itself plans to cover 24.051 villages in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Borneo. One thing that will [...]

A Home-Made Radar Is Ready To Sail

→  August 31, 2009 0

By Yudha Satya, GNFI Contributor Indonesian Sea Radar (ISRA), the first supervisory radar created by the researchers of the Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) has been finally launched. The radar is used to help the sea and air transport regulation, weather observation, territory mapping, as well as navigation. “ISRA is a proof that the domestic expert [...]

MLM For The Blind

→  August 31, 2009 0

The United Nations in 2006 came up with the universal design convention for the disabled to assure equal rights when living in a world that, more often than not, marginalizes them. Take books, for example. Even though Braille was invented decades ago, access to books for visually impaired people is still limited, partly because of the [...]

Technology Lends A Hand

→  August 30, 2009 1

By Anissa S. Febrina Imagine a life without books or computers. Now, imagine a life full of them but where you don’t have the sight to read the pages or the physical ability to make a mouse click. Imagining either scenario is equally difficult for most of us, but the latter is reality for people with disabilities. Two [...]

Highschool-Made Aircraft

→  August 25, 2009 2

Do you know how many countries in this planet have the ability to create aircrafts? Trust me, not many. Indonesia is one of the few, which produces commercial and military aircrafts. The only one in Southeast Asia. Along with Brazil, and Iran, Indonesia represents the pride of aviation products from developing countries. This news below really shocked [...]

Eye In The Sky

→  August 15, 2009 1

Indosat will soon launch latest satellite to orbit. The satellite, called Indosat Palapa D, will provide the technology to fulfill the high corporate demand for reliable broadcasting telecommunication technology for both technology applications and wide coverage. This satellite service involves rental of a specified bandwidth from the Palapa C2 satellite to companies in Indonesia. One of [...]

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