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The World’s Smallest Sea Horse Found In Indonesia

→  March 16, 2010 1

Hippocampus satomiae, little bigger than a pea, has been found on reefs in Indonesia. Little bigger than a pea, the smallest known sea horse, Hippocampus satomiae, was discovered at a depth of about 15 meters on reefs in Indonesia, from Derawan island to northern Sulawesi and Borneo. Like other pygmy sea horses, its size and camouflage [...]

The Czechs Love ‘Laskar Pelangi’

→  March 15, 2010 6

I am, admittedly, a HUGE fan of ‘Laskar Pelangi’ tetralogy books written by Andrea Hirata and the movie versions produced by MILES FILMS. When ‘Sang Pemimpi’ opened in movie theaters, I was so excited that I flew to Indonesia from KL to catch it on the very first day! I bawled like a baby when in [...]

Indonesia To Supply Footballs For 2010 World Cup

→  March 15, 2010 4

Indonesia soccer ball producer, PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport (Triple S), will supply some 200,000 footballs for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, China’s Xinhua news agency cited a local media as reporting here on Friday. “The intensive process to produce the soccer balls for the upcoming World Cup is underway at the moment. We are [...]

Indonesia’s Surprise Success Story

→  March 10, 2010 0

Many countries are going badly. Indonesia was always going to be one. Or so we thought. It’s turned out to be one of the surprise success stories. For Australia, Indonesia was always the dark zone of dread, where bad things happened with worse to come. This wasn’t entirely baseless. Soekarno’s communist demagoguery was real. The brutal [...]

The 1st Biggest Loser Asia is an Indonesian!

→  March 10, 2010 2

After five months of rigorous training, Indonesian David Gurnani shed more than 80kg to become the very first Biggest Loser Asia, defeating competitors Aaron Mokhtar, Carlo Miguel and Martha Lai at the live taping of the reality show’s finale at the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) yesterday. At the final weigh-in yesterday, Gurnani (nicknamed King David [...]

Indonesian Dance In Japan

→  March 5, 2010 1

Two dance creations of Indonesia’s leading choreographer, Ery Mefri, from Nan Jombang Dance Company, will be staged at the Tokyo Performing Arts Market in 2010 and the International Showcase at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, 1-4 March in Tokyo, Japan. Before his departure to Tokyo, Ery Mefri said that a number of countries will be [...]

10 Of The World’s Best Surf Spots

→  March 5, 2010 6

Surf, Sea, and Sand. We have plenty of those in Indonesia. Like Pandji Pragiwaksono said to GNFI, We are the largest archipelago in the world! We got beaches everywhere! Agreed, Pandji. And so, we’re proud to see that not only one, but 2 of these beautiful beaches have made the cut to be in the Hotelclub Travel Blog’s list [...]

The Unsung Hero

→  February 28, 2010 7

When he first started writing in in March 2008, his intentions were simple. He just wants to let people know about the good things in Indonesia, the things that made him proud as an Indonesian, amidst all the negative and poor media review the world was shown. He was not looking for any recognition, [...]

One of the World’s Best Private Universities

→  February 25, 2010 3

In the U.S, private universities are deemed prestigious and highly regarded by the Americans for centuries as they have churned many great scientists, economists, business persons, politicians and also Nobel prize winners. Just mention you are a graduate from Harvard, Princeton, Yale and so on, and heads will turn. Ironically, that is not the same case [...]

Indonesian Math Wiz In Germany

→  February 25, 2010 5

An Indonesian teen stole media attention in Germany when he managed to create a complete pyramid equation that could even be used for up to infiniti numbers. Ibrahim Handoko (15), a polite teen who is also active in various activities of the mosque astounded his teachers with his finding. As reported by German news site, Michael [...]