8 million? What about 9?

Indonesia to Surpass 8 Million Foreign Visitors in 2012. Targeting 9 Million Arrivals in 2013.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy is targeting 9 million foreign visitors to Indonesia in 2013.

The deputy-minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sapta Nirwanda, told Bisnis.com that the government anticipates a total of 8 million foreign
tourists for all of 2012.

Nirwanda said the target of foreign tourists for 2013 is 9 million. Nirwanda is confident that the 8 million target for arrivals in 2012 would be easily surpassed, having already secured 7.6 million at the mid-year point.


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  1. Hijjaz

    8 / 29 / 2012 5:41 am

    I have just returned from short trip (3D 2N) to Moyo Island, proving everyday flock of foreign tourist drop by. A solid fact Indonesia tourism is even more triggering. It makes sense since its beauty of nature unbeatable :-D


  2. Cerita motivasi

    8 / 29 / 2012 9:31 pm

    I believe that if we as people of Indonesia make our country cleaner by not throwing rubbish in the river (it is the one simple and easiest thing we can do), it will attract more tourists as no one in their healthy minds like to visit dirty places.





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