I took the train from from Semarang to Surabaya last night. I normaly prefer plane over train, for simplicity reason. My decision was merely based on my own a lil-adventure need, and i’ve been away from train since years ago. To my surprise, the train was so late. The departure was brutally delayed for more than 5 hours, making everyone unhappy, restless, and powerless at the same time. To make things worse, the train ran so slowly that I reached Surabaya very late.

Then i read the news about once-planned bullet train connecting Jakarta and Surabaya (with stops in Bandung and Semarang). My hope died down, and seemed like it was too good to be true. My hope is up again.

The government of Japan has offered assistance to Indonesia in a speed train project in Java, the most populated area in the country. The project would connect the capital Jakarta to Surabaya city at the eastern most of the island. The project is expected to help the government’s efforts in transporting goods in the vast archipelago country, hence cooling inflation.

Japan planned to grant an amount of funds in the project that cost around 60-70 trillion rupiah (some 5.0-5.83 billion U.S. dollars).

To my surprise, the Japanese side has been conducting a feasibility study on the project, since quite sometimes. I really didnt know that. 

I am upbeat about the implementation of project, as the Indonesian government said that had already addressed land problem, which had been one of the bottlenecks on the commencement of infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy has made intensive efforts to build transport facilities to adjust with its accelerating economy. Indonesia is home to over 238 million people with an emerging middle class.

So, see you onboard.