Top 3 and Top 5 of Azerbaijan’s key trading partners for April 2013 formed in non-standard combination – Italy, Indonesia and Germany, and Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand and Russia respectively.

The State Customs Committee (SCC) informs that for Jan-Apr 2013 Azerbaijan’s foreign trade turnover with the ‘out-block countries’ (states out of EU and CIS) totaled $11.567 bn or 49% of country’s overall foreign trade turnover ($5.67 bn), EU countries ($4.603 bn) or 39.7%, and CIS countries $1.29 bn or 11.3%.

For comparison, in 2012 Azerbaijan’s foreign trade turnover with the CIS counterparts made up 10.82%, 15.1% in 2011, 14.47% in 2010, 16.15% in 2009 and 7.21% in 2008 (pre-crisis for Azerbaijan).

At the same time the ‘out-block countries’ became the main commercial counteragents of Azerbaijan for the first time.

For Jan-Apr 2013 Azerbaijan exported to the CIS countries commodities for $3.69 bn (43.83% of entire export ($8.419 bn), although with a fall of 8.7%) and imported for $913 million (rise of 13.5% and 29% of entire import of $3.148 bn). As a result, the country had positive balance of $2.776 bn in trade with the EU countries or 52.7% of net surplus of country’s foreign trade ($5.27 bn).

Over Jan-Apr 2013 export to the “non-aligned countries” increased by 4.7% up to $4.238 bn or 50.4% of total export, while import grew by 6.2% up to $1.4 bn or 45.5% of the total import. As a result, the country received $2.808 bn of positive balance with these countries.

Exports to CIS countries amounted only to $490 million (5.8% of total export) with an increase of 1.4-fold and import $804 million (25.5%) with a rise of 7.3%. As a result, the country had negative balance of trade with them for $314 million.

As of 1 May 2013 Top 5 of key trade partners of Azerbaijan is as follows: Italy with total turnover of $1.707 bn (import from Azerbaijan for $1.6 bn and exports for $67.7 million), Indonesia – $978.725 million ($972.99 million and $5.7 million), Germany – $939.339 million ($707.4 million and $231.908 million), Thailand – $934.768 million ($926.99 million and $7.77 million) and Russia – $904.315 million ($426.696 million and $477.618 million respectively).

Turkey was the sixth trade partner of Azerbaijan with mutual trade turnover of $616.097 million (import from Azerbaijan for $183.457 million and export for $432.639 million).

Then follow Taiwan ($475.819 million, $467.306 million and $7.9 million), India ($430.57 million, $413.88 million and $16.935 million), UK ($410.57 million, $115.05 million and $295.518 million) and U.S. ($359.858 million, $243.9 million and $115.946 million respectively).

Last year Top 3 composed Italy, Russia and the U.S. In 2011, it included Italy, France and Russia, in 2010 – Italy, Russia and France in 2009 – Italy, the U.S. and Russia, and in 2008 – Italy, the U.S. and Israel.