Her title was earned through dedication, hard work, a demonstration of self confidence, intelligence, beauty, and elegance, and Meeghan showed those qualities over the past year.

Virgelia Productions of the Miss Asia USA organization honored Meeghan Henry, 2011′s Miss Asia USA Indonesian Delegate, the title of Miss Teen Asia USA last week after several meetings with all the members. She has proven to be an outstanding role model for young Asian women.

The 16-year-old Indonesian, who is also a singer/songwriter, is now attending the University of La Verne as a freshman and proudly accepts the coveted title. She will be the teen ambassador for many events and the teen role model for many young women.

With the title, Meeghan wants to portray the message of living about the influence. Not only is she promoting anti drugs and anti drinking, but she is also pushing anti peer pressure and anti bullying. She believes that teens and people everywhere can still have a fun and exciting life without succumbing to the societal pressures of drugs and mean behavior.

Celebration party last Sunday


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