EDS (English Debating Society) UI (University of Indonesia) were successful in bringing back championship of Austral-Asian Intervarsity (Australs) competition in Korea for ESL (English as Second Language) category which is held at 14 July 2011. Australs is one of the biggest intervarsity debate competition for Asia-Australia-New Zealand region. EDS UI won in this Australs final for “THBT ASEAN should allow free labor movement”.

this year winning in Australs is not the first international winning of EDS UI. In 2009, EDS UI’s delegation got the championship from The Chinese University of Hong Kong for “That ASEAN should establish a Human Rights Court” motion.

Let’s make Indonesia proud of us, Indonesian Youth!

source: www.anakui.com/2011/07/15/eds-ui-meraih-kembali-gelar-juara-esl-australs-2011-di-korea/

translated and re-written by Thamar Naomi
edited by Farah Fitriani