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‘The Philosopher’, 1st Hollywood movie to be shot wholly in RI

‘The Philosopher’, a movie that has immediately attracts the attention of journalists in Indonesia.

The reason is the movie is a Hollywood production, involving producers and foreign filmmakers, as well as the cast who have been involved in large-scale Hollywood production. But, the best part is, it will be shot in Indonesia. Yes, ‘The Philosopher’ will be the first Hollywood movie to be shot wholly in Indonesia!

The Philosopher, as it turns out, is a production of SCTV, along with Hollywood producers, George Zakk and Cybill. It will be directed by John Huddles, and holds the lineup of cast consisting of Bonnie Wright (better known as Ginny Weasley from the ‘Harry Potter’ series), James D’arcy (the actor who played Lt. Tom Pullings in Peter Weir’s Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World), Daryl Sabara, (who is perhaps best known for playing Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids franchise), Freddy Stroma, Sophie Lowe, Rhys Wakefield (who is best known for his role in James Cameron’s Sanctum), and one of the Indonesian actresses involved, Cinta Laura Kiehl.

In the press conference held on Friday, 24 June 2011, representative from SCTV, Harsiwi Achmad, said they were very proud to participate in collaboration, directly supports the production of The Philosophers, a Hollywood- class movie which will be filmed at several places in Indonesia.

“This collaboration holds a huge significance to the television and film industry in Indonesia. It’s not easy to gain trust so that the production team of ‘The Philosophers’ to make them willing to to do the filming in Indonesia which will take a long time,” he explained in a press release.

Harsiwi added, this movie will be shown throughout the world, not only in local theaters. However, when asked regarding the issue on import taxes on which has lead to the halt of playing Hollywood movies in Indonesia, he replied, “We’re optimistic. Obviously this film will get a world-class film distributor. We still have a long way to go, filming starts tomorrow, and then it will pass through various stages of production. So we’ll see. Nevertheless, we are optimistic will be aired in Indonesia. ”

According to Harsiwi, through ‘The Philosophers’, Indonesia gets the opportunity to promote Indonesia’s name in the world of international cinema. Not only that, this is also a golden opportunity to showcase Indonesia’s beautiful sceneries, natural flora and fauna as well as our rich and diverse culture and traditions.

Meanwhile, producer George Zakk and Cybill, and director John Huddles said the film will be about 20 teenagers from various nations, who attended an international school in Jakarta, and studied philosophy in a class taught by a teacher (played by James D’arcy).

This is the synopsis of the movie, as published in IMDb:

At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.

John Huddles also said this thriller-genre movie will be filmed at various undisclosed places in Indonesia, including in one of the temples.

The Philosophers has started filming on Saturday, 25th June 2011 and will take approximately seven weeks to complete filming.

GNFI would like to applaud Indonesian ambassador to Washington DC, Dino Patti Djalal and staffs of the embassy for the efforts in playing a major role in bringing ‘The Philosopher’ to Indonesia. Well done, sir!


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2 Responses to “‘The Philosopher’, 1st Hollywood movie to be shot wholly in RI”

  1. Alitha says:

    I am SO excited for this movie!!

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  2. Pak Widodo says:

    This is interesting. Will anything be shot at JIS (Jakarta International School)?

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