Probably One Of World’s Best

Posted on November 2nd, 2010 at 10:27 am by Akhyari


I have been to almost all ASEAN countries except for Myanmar and Brunei, and to be honest, iIfound no taxi company in cities of those countries as comfy and reliable as Blue Bird taxi of Indonesia. Singapore is very close behind, but their taxi fleet are mostly outdated, diesel-powered, and noisy. Bangkok is in the third rank, but I got lost in Bangkok more than 3 times on taxi. And it is not really easy to spot which taxi is more reliable than others.

I’ve been to 18 different countries in my life, and I would say that Blue Bird (and Silver Bird) is arguably one of the world’s best taxi companies. Maybe, one day, National Geographic team or Discovery Channel, or BBC Knowledge should do a research/survey on this.

Blue Bird taxis have the blue bird marking on the top of the windshield. They are blue, and in Jakarta and other cities, they also carry the Pusaka name. In Bali, they go by Bali Taxi. They also operate in Lombok, I just dunno the name.

Silver Bird with MB

With regular Blue Bird, you usually save money over other taxis because they take you where you are going without any hassles and the drivers are courteous.

Silver Bird with Toyota Vellfire

As for other Indonesian taxis? Many of them are very good too, and leave their counterparts in other countries behind.

GNFI will also cover some of them.

Photos Credit: Blue Bird, Toyota

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