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The Winner of Bali International Surfing Tournament

I’m happy to say that Indonesians are not only good at science and education. although our national soccer team didn’t make through the world cup, we still have beautiful records in other field of sports, for example: bowling, badminton, and surfing. Another great achievement came  from Agus Frimanto, who recently won Bali International Surfing Tournament [...]

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Wild Wilder Wildest Indonesia

Have you guys seen one of the latest series on Animal Planet, aptly named “Wild Indonesia”? Easily one of my favorite TV show now, they show mind-blowing footage of this gorgeous country, it leaves one craving for more! Follow them as they take you on the road less traveled, as they open your eyes to [...]

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Why Some Foreigners Like To Live In Indonesia

Ever wondered why some foreigners like to live in Indonesia? Well, maybe my list of TOP 10 best of living in Indonesia will explain. Here it goes… 1. Best coffee and tea in the world. Cultivation of coffee trees in Indonesia started on Java in 17th century when Dutch first brought coffee to Batavia (city [...]

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You Can Do Anything In Indonesia

Fransoa has been gaining momentum on Youtube lately.  Since he was featured on the Jakarta Globe a couple of days ago, he’s been getting 10,000 views per day.  It’s quite possible that this song could become insanely popular in Indonesia, certain elements make it appealing to the average Indonesian – the guy is a family man, [...]

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Popular Types Of “Nasi Goreng”

Indonesian, from children to Mr. President, fishermen to famous singers, know this type of culinary. Yep, Nasi Goreng (fried rice), is a truly Indonesian dish but never officially declared as one of our traditional food. Most people  in Indonesia love eating Nasi Goreng, probably because its one-of-a-kind taste and simplicity; whether you can cook it [...]

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Indonesian 10 Sweetest Things

1. SODA GEMBIRA There is something about a tall glass of “happy soda” that makes you, well, happy. Maybe it’s the way the ice cubes clink in the glass, as the shocking pink syrup blends together with the gooey sweetened condensed milk at the bottom. Or the electric jolt of fizz from the soda that [...]

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At Last – On Board Visit Processing

Having visited Vietnam and Indonesia recently the most irritating part of the trip was the process I had to go through to get a visa for either country. I have to say that I reckon that visas to most countries have very little do with security and immigration but are more a very nice cash [...]

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Dr. Danrivanto Budhijanto: Asia’s 1st Man To Get The Honor

I recently had a great opportunity and privilege to interview Dr. Danrivanto Budhijanto, S.H., LL.M in IT Law, through e-mail. Mr. Budhijanto is the first Asian who received  LL.M (master of laws) degree in IT Law from John Marshall Law School, Chicago. He’s now a Commissioner in Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (BRTI)-Ministry of Communication and [...]

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Indonesian: A (5x) Wealthier Generation

For some people who don’t think deeply, this news might not be the most heartwarming news, but to me it is. The rising number of rich people , to me, always mean the rise of income of people around them. A new townhouse in the west of Surabaya called Puri Safira is inhabited by newly-rich [...]

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Rooms For Foreign Development

Waskita’s Overseas Projects By Seng Hansen Waskita Karya is one of main leading state-owned contractor company . It has successfully developed amazing projects and wonderful building across the nation since many years back. But, only few know that the company has been expanding its wings beyond the borders and erecting beautiful projects mostly in the Middle East [...]

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