A Traditional Therapy to Cure Cancer

Posted on October 25th, 2010 at 4:04 am by Farah Fitriani


Do you know that in Bali, there is a traditional treatment to cure cancer? Yes, there is. The treatment is a body and soul therapy. Instead of using any drugs, they meditate daily and take reiki massage. It helps the patient to relax and heal himself  unconsciously.

One among many patients who is having himself treated in Bali is Jim Stynes, an Australian Football legend. After spending a couple weeks in Bali, Jim is surely getting better than before. If the therapy doesn’t dismiss all the cancer, at least it cured some of old sporting injuries he had, which was something western medicine couldn’t do. Balinese smoke and massage is the first traditional treatment he got, and he’s now feeling the best he had since he was diagnosed.

FOOTY legend Jim Stynes has spent the past week undergoing smoke and massage therapy in Indonesia to treat his cancer.

Business partner Hugh Ellis said Stynes was looking and feeling the best he had since he was diagnosed 18 months ago.

The technique is based on the concept that immersing a patient in smoke can help the body rid itself of toxins and parasites, which therapists claim are keys to their method of fighting cancer.“While there is a spiritual element, it’s based on very sound principles which they claim can cure cancer,” said Mr Ellis, who spent the past week by his friend’s side.
“Jim says he’s feeling really good. And he says they’ve managed to help some of his old footy injuries that haven’t gone away after treatment back home. People can judge these things all they want, but they’re not the ones with cancer.”
Wife Sam Stynes said she would join her husband in Indonesia today.
Stynes planned to be in Indonesia for a week of therapy, but the positive reaction had encouraged him to stay for the full three-week treatment.
Mrs Stynes said the latest chapter in her husband’s bid to beat cancer was in “pure Jim style”.

“Psychologically, it’s good for him to be doing it. He’s really enjoying it and there have been no adverse side-effects,” she said.

“He’s approached the travel to Indonesia sensibly. He has gone with a really good emergency plan, but he obviously hasn’t needed to use it.”

Mr Ellis said that he had been sceptical for the first three days of treatment, but after seeing good results in his friend he felt like there was real value.
He said the pair had little time to do anything else other than wake up, have breakfast, go to treatment, have dinner and then go back to their hotel to sleep.

“The treatment is quite intense and will go for three weeks, so it’s not for the faint-hearted,” he said.
“But there is certainly no downside to it.”
A documentary aired last month detailed Stynes’ brave battle against cancer, revealing his willingness to embrace alternative medical options on top of conventional Western treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.
In the documentary he revealed he meditated daily, had taken up reiki massage, drank a special juice mix three to five times a day and was trying a drug on trial in immunotherapy.
He had also tried coffee enemas and drinking his own urine.

News Source: About Indo, Herald Sun
Photo Source: Herald Sun

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