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Posted on July 1st, 2010 at 8:32 am by Bambang


Rusia’s domination in the list of top Opera Mini users has been officially ceased by Indonesia, who has been shadowing the country in the second position.

“May was a historical month to mobile world. After more than two years, we’ve finally had a new biggest mobile internet-use country. Indonesia, who has been Rusia’s rival, is now on the top of the list,” Opera Software creator Jon von Tetzchner says in the State of the Mobile Web report for May 2010 that was just up on Opera’s official site.

The growth of Opera Mini users in Indonesia has sharply risen up to 317.1 percent compared to 2009. The number was far higher than Rusia, which only went up 43.3 percent.

A similar progress was also found in the growth of Indonesian Opera user page view that has been soaring to 570.6 percent since May last year, beating Rusia whose page view growth was only 71.1 percent.

However, the amount of data transferred by most Russian users is higher than the one in Indonesia. The average number of data transferred by each Russian is 9 MB while Indonesian users only transfer 6 MB.

Despite the short number in data transfer, Indonesia has acquired more page view per user than Rusia, which only obtained 477 page views, by getting 676 page views.

“Congrats to Indonesia, who’s now leading mobile web access through Opera Mini in the world”, von Tetzchner says, adding that the success was made possible by the support from Opera user community in Indonesia.

Since the beginning of the year, Indonesia has been competing with Rusia in terms of number of Opera Mini users. Opera Web Evangelist Cheah Zibin told VIVAnews a while ago that at the time, the number of Opera Mini users in Indonesia was slightly lower than in Rusia.

The website mostly accessed by Indonesian users is Facebook, which has brought the country to the third position in the list of biggest Facebook-using countries. Indonesia has even been predicted to knock England off the second spot in the list.


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