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Posted on April 28th, 2010 at 8:20 am by Bambang


“What makes Pinkberry, Pinkberry? If you said the yogurt, you’re only half right. Customers stand in line for a taste of the yogurt, but they want get in that line because of the brand. “This objective is apparently what is behind the success of Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt chain, which after its opening in January 2005 has a total sales of only $70 in the first month, then grew to 70 outlets in various U.S. states in a mere short period of two years!

And beyond all these, there is a touch of the hand and heart-friendly Yolanda Santosa called Yo, a graphic designer born in Jakarta, who is responsible for all elements of the brand image of Pinkberry: packaging, menus, advertisements, marketing materials, environment graphics, interiors and exteriors shops, vehicles, up to the creation of Pinkberry’s web site. Pinkberry’s success is very much driven by Yo’s enthusiasm for Pinkberry’s products. “You want to design something that you yourself is in love with,” says Yo.

Still in the mood to commemorate Kartini’s day in the month of April, the DGI expose 9 of Yo’s works, which range both in the field of branding and graphic design film (two fields of graphic design that he fouces into), the DGI Online Exhibition # 03: Yolanda Santosa. In this occasion, DGI will showcase the works of Yo including the branding for Pinkberry, also to echo, éple, First Blush and Hustler Toys, and the opening title for the film 300, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Catwoman.

Enjoy the work of Yolanda Santosa, winner of several prestigious awards including the ADC Young Guns 6 Award and was nominated three years in a row for the Emmy Awards! As winners of ADC Young Guns 6, on the same date as the commencement of this online exhibition -26 April 2010 – Yo was also a featured speaker and shared about her experiences in the field of branding and the film industry in front of the audience at the Apple Store Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica. Congratulations for Yo! Also congratulations on the new release of echo and Hustler Toys.

Source: DGI Indonesia

Thanks to Jazzbegreat for the news!

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