Bangka Belitung Registered By International Atomic Agency

Posted on April 26th, 2010 at 9:05 pm by Arroisi


The province of Bangka Belitung (Babel) is already listed as a feasibility study for laying of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) by the International Atomic Agency.

Head of Department of Energy and Mines of Babel, Noor Nedi in Pangkalpinang, said the International Atomic Energy Agency has been conducting a feasibility study for laying of nuclear power in Babel.

“There are seven point spread in Babel that have been tested for laying of NPP among others in the eastern coastal area of Bangka, West Bangka, Middle Bangka and East Belitung,” he said.

“Bangka Belitung is completely safe for the laying of nuclear power plants in terms of geology, geography, town planning, but that was just conducted a feasibility study and a new six years later found out for sure,” said Noor Nedi.
Noor Nedi explain, geological and geographical conditions, especially the existing granite rocks on the coast of Babel is very suitable for the laying of NPP.

“The condition of the granite rocks on the coast of Babel is very well suited for the foundation laying of nuclear power plants, mainly to save costs,” he said.

One nuclear power plant could generate power at least 2000 to 2600 megawatts which already exceeds the demand for electricity in Babel and can flow through to Sumatra and Java.

Source: AP

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