Pro-Audio Products Made In Indonesia Ordered In Over 21 Countries

Posted on April 19th, 2010 at 3:47 pm by Arroisi


The world of pro-audio Indonesia came under the attention of international markets. It’s proven Vby speaker’s booking transactions in the exhibition’s largest pro-audio world, Messe Frankfurt Prolight + Sound 2010, with more than $ 2 million on the first day.

“Buyers come from over 21 countries. They are interested in our products could result in small but powerful voice. Many do not believe that Indonesia can make pro-audio speakers with a very good quality equal to major brands of the world,” said Harry Kiss , copyright holders, in Frankfurt.

Buyers who have ordered from abroad Portugal, Uganda, Greece, Romania, Istanbul, Turkey, Kazakztan, Philippines, France, Germany, Israel, China, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Schlieren, UAE, Spain, England, India, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

“At first they hesitated, whether Indonesia can develop a pro-audio, but after they heard and saw so many big events photos using these speakers, they finally believe it,” said Harry.

In the grand exhibition of pro-audio world class, was the only participant from Indonesia. participation in this exhibition in collaboration with SonicEmotion from Switzerland that studies the 3D Surround Sound technology.

army oneOne thing of interest to visitors is the appearance of the series V8 Army One of the only speaker who has a military standard in the exhibition.

“Our latest series is shock resistant and waterproof. It’s famous due to its toughness because every corner of the box is covered by a light metal, ” Harry said, adding that the speakers of this type have been used by a number of military unity in Indonesia. design originally developed since 2004, and began limited production since 2006. Entering 2009, had gone abroad. A number of countries in Europe such as Germany, Switzerland, and in Asia such as Myanmar and Singapore, began to take advantage of presence.

“This speaker comes not merely from the results of laboratory studies, but the crew of the user experience of the speakers. Happened to us initially was the quality of the user’s speakers with a very expensive price, for the operational needs of event organizers that we manage.  We are also anxious to create own speakers with world standards, but the human price, and after sales service is very fast, and can also be hired, “said Harry, who is also owner of the event organizer Harry Kiss Productions, which is now recorded as a sound system and also Indonesia’s largest rental.

At first he produced the speakers and amplifiers only for the purpose of leasing needs. Because every day Harry Kiss Productions manages up to 18 events and sometimes serves up a large middle class.

“After we use and develop our own sound system, our speaker was more practical, lightweight, easy to use, and has little downtime,” he said. products have been used in almost all major events in Indonesia, such as 100 year celebration of National Awakening Day, anniversary and a number of events such as the television stations RCTI, TPI, Global TV, Indosiar, and Trans TV, 45th Anniversary of the Golkar Party, presidential election campaign SBY-Boediono couple, a number of state events in the Presidential Palace.

To meet the needs of a sound system at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, for example, it now takes only four units of instant noodle-sized speaker boxes. Although mini, it’s capable of producing very clear sound with very high strength, so that does not require a lot of speaker units to reach the ears of tens of thousands of people in a stadium or conference room.

With the mini size and affordable price, the market now will begin to look at Some television stations have expressed interest at, either to support the needs at the studio or off-air activities.


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