A New Wave Of Digitalpreneur

Posted on March 2nd, 2010 at 2:25 pm by Akhyari


By RI_54

Today, the infrastructures of the telecommunications are getting well, as well as the internet access which getting easier and cheaper has triggered the growth of Indonesian entrepreneur in ICT.

Let’s take a look on how mouth watering Indonesian digital market is.

Based on 2009 data, Indonesia has 151.6 million (84% GSM) cellular user and expected reach its 200 million user in 2012. Cable TV has 900,000 users and will jump up to 3 million users in 2010. Facebook user  at 15 million noted the second fast growing user after US. Broadband user in 2009 was 4.25 million and will rise up to 7.29 user in 2010. Blackberry reach 820,000 user, other smartphones has 1.5 million user. According to CIA (www.cia.gov), Indonesia internet users reach 30 million, or growth 1,150% from 2000 noted as the eleventh largest internet user in the world among South Korea and Spain. This does not include mobile net users.

OK, now let’s take a look on who are the Indonesian next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckenberg.

Indonesian Silicon Valley

Biznet Technovillage plans to start construction in January 2010 and expected to be finished in October 2010. The project will consist of 6,000 m2 of Tier3 Data Center Space and 9,000 m2 of Grade A Office Space. With 3 hectare of total land area and having 50% of it as a park, water garden and open space. designed by Andra Matin, one of Indonesia’s talented Architect collaborated with the world’s leading Landscape Architect , Denise Selinger of St Legere Design International will promote eco-friendly office space

One Stop Place for Bookworm

Developed by a Front End Engineering Lead Yahoo Southeast Asia, Herryanto Siatono, Bookjetty is designed to be a facebook for booklover. This site not only connecting booklover with a bookstore, but also each booklover and library, The user reach 5 thousands subscriber mostly Singaporean and American.

Social Media & Connection As its Tagline

The Display of Indonesia, Beoscope is designed in order to promote everything about Indonesia from history, culinary, and interest place. Compare to Youtube, Beoscope offer its locality and provide clear canal such as i-Music, V-citizen News, etc. Koprol.com is a union concept of any social media sites, let say Twitter’s lifestream model, Plurk Commenting System, and Brightkite’s location system. The other social media is FUPEI (Friends Unity Program Especially Indonesia) which provide local language such as Java, Sundanese, Padang, and Betawi. A Fupeis (a FUPEI user) could customize his/her profile, games, blog, forum, chatroom, photo album, and e-card. Kaskus may be the largest Indonesian online community with 1.28 million members with domicile worldwide. FJB kaskus could be the Indonesian e-bay store, currently 100 billion rupiah per month the money circulate on there.

Mobile Application, Content & Advertising

Mobinity which was developed by InTouch has reach 100 million user, it is offer a simple features for Blackberry. Mobee Micropage works for mobile marketing, its customer reach a top media group such as Kompas Gramedia, SWA, and Global Media Group. JATIS Solutions is a mobile content provider such as mobile karaoke, mobile game, full track music player, ring back tone, etc.

Game Online

Sangkuriang Studio is a software developer company that focus on digital multimedia and entertainment. Game Nusantara Online, A-pong, Kitab 9 Imam, Envirho, Cerdas Cermat Digital, and ABC are such of their creation. Abigdev provides game for Facebook user, such as Game Angklung Heroes, NusaChallange and other small game. Main Studio is another player. Handling vast range of games and animation product, their clients such as Nokia, miniclip, Intel Indonesia, and others.

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