[GNFI Weekend Edition] The Easternmost Point Of Indonesia

Posted on January 9th, 2010 at 4:05 pm by Akhyari


Merauke is called Deer Town; lies in the east part of Indonesia, in the Province of Papua, bordered on Papua New Guinea (PNG). This is the city in the easternmost point of Indonesia. I have never been there, but I have been to Papua’s capital, Jayapura, which also shares a border with PNG. This regency is well known with its Asmat woodcarvings and Wasur National Park. The population in Merauke Regency nearly 276,122 people, that spreads in the 18 districts. A large number of the people are living in the interior. To reach the interior, one can only do it by plane such as twin otter or Cessna.

Approaching Merauke

It is the city where sun rises at its first over Indonesia, greeting a new day to the thousands island country. The town itself is quite pleasant and comes with good facilities including hotels, banks and restaurants. It is the immediate surroundings that most people come for though.

Cendrawasih, the paradise bird, the symbol of Papua

Wasur National Park is 60kms away from Merauke town and covers a massive area of forest and swamps. There are all sorts of animals here not seen elsewhere in the world, along with rare types of crocodile, deer and birds of paradise. Elsewhere in the region is Kiman Island and its Kiman tribes people, while Lampu Satu Beach is also worth a look.

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