Beyond The Island Of The Gods II

Posted on January 3rd, 2010 at 1:34 pm by Akhyari


After adventuring the middle Indonesia, this time let’s take a look at the island of the far east of the archipelago. The island of the wild life, beautiful nature.

Enjoy Papua!

The cool highlands and mountains of Papua invite trekkers to explore largely untouched territories. Visit Dani honays or huts that are built close together in a traditional village compound in the Baliem Valley. The two highest peaks in the Jayawijaya mountain range are the world’s few capped mountains located on the equator. Take a boat ride on Lake Sentani in Jayapura and enjoy some tranquil fishing.

Papua is an exotic experience offering a rich variety of dives and amazing fish and marine species. See WWI fighter ships and planes in their watery graves in the shallow waters of Cendrawasih Bay and in the island off New Guinea’s western tip. Raja Ampat has a variety of diving sites; shallow bays, lagoon channels bordered by rain forest, rock islands and offshore reefs that contain some of the richest species of marine animals and corals in the world.

The bird park on Bosnik in Biak Island offers chance to see birds of paradise and other rare species. There is also an orchid park that grows as many as 72 types of orchids. Manokwari and the Arfak mountains are famous as the habitat of rare butterflies and insects.

Discover carvings and other treasures of the Asmat in the swamp regions of the south coast. East of Senatali, in the Waena suburb, the Museum Negeri displays Asmat bisj poles and decorated skulls, fine Baliem axe heads and interesting items such as mammoth shark’s teeth.

Doyo Lama Village around 45 km from Jayapura has megalithic monuments that are engraved and believed to have supernatural powers. west of Biak, see fire-walking dances at the Adoki Village. The annual Baliem Festival held every August showcases traditional Dani dances and music. Mock tribal wars are also staged during the event. Taking months to prepare, the Sago Grub Feast is an important event that brings together different clans. The attending clans dance and feast on sago grubs.


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