There are some verses in the holy book of Quran which mentioned that good people, will always get tested with hunger, fears, disasters. You can’t call yourself a true believer until you pass all the tests.

In other verses, God says that He will never ever overburden us, no test will be given beyond our capacity to overcome. In another word, small tests are for small souls, big tests are for the bigger ones. Thus, eventually passing all this big hardships will only make us bigger and stronger.

West Sumatra, Indonesia’s paradise of Sumatra Island, was severely hit by a huge earthquake. Another test is being conducted on Indonesia again.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, this is God’s way to tell us, that He loves us. This is God’s way to tell us, that INDONESIA IS STRONG ENOUGH TO PASS ALMOST ALL KIND OF TESTS.

We, on behalf of GNFI Network, would like to send our deepest condolences to the departed souls, may Allah bless them, and place them in a better world in hereafter. Amien. For the West Sumatrans, be stronger, very very strong.