Nato, Its Soldiers, And Solo

Posted on September 4th, 2009 at 5:14 pm by Akhyari


What do you know about NATO? NATO is undoubtedly the strongest military alliance on this planet where world’s strongest armed forces allied in the post world war II to defend themselves from the communist bloc in eastern Europe and USSR. Until this very moment, NATO still exists and becomes the sole power which has the greatest capability.

But not many people know that 13 armed forces under NATO wear military uniforms made in Indonesia. Sritex, one of Indonesia’s biggest textile companies located in Solo, Central Java, had secured a contract to produce NATO military uniform for its 13 members.

The quote below is taken from Sritex’s client list on its website:

Sritex, one of the world’s most trusted uniform suppliers, has been certified as an official partner outside Europe to produce military uniform by NATO. With this credibility, Sritex currently supplies uniform and field equipments to more than 18 countries of the world…

After supplying assault rifles and military uniforms, what’s next from Indonesia to supply the world’s military? We are going to the path of becoming one of the military centers of the world.

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