Singo Lodoyo Conquering America

Posted on August 3rd, 2009 at 3:51 am by Ian


Yes, Reog Ponorogo has conquered America and even the world. This might not be the freshest news anymore, but still worth knowing. Singo Lodoyo, a Washington (D.C.)-based Reog group, has numerous times championed world cultural festivals in the eastern coast of the United States.

In 2008 they wowed the audience at the 4th of July Independence Day world cultural festival in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), thus deserved to claim the best overall performance and the number 1 champion. Recently, at another world cultural festival held in Takoma Park (Maryland) 4th of July 2009, they again showed the world how great Indonesian culture is by dominating most of the evaluation categories (best costume, best formation, best dances, and best overall performance) to, again, champion the festival.

Not only championing world cultural festival is what makes Indonesia proud, but Reog Ponorogo Singo Lodoyo has also attracted some foreigners to become an active part of the performance. I’m sure, pretty soon more foreigners will be attracted to join this unique cultural performance. Lifting 90 some pounds very huge mask with your teeth is no joke.

Check out their performance in the 4th July 2009 festival below. Coverage by VOA Spotlight.

Indeed, to the world it is Indonesian culture they see, not a Javanese, Sundanese, Sumatran, Balinese, or any specific ethnicity. It’s Indonesia that matters.

I believe other Indonesian communities around the world also champion a lot of world cultural festivals.  So, share your good news around your community on Good News From Indonesia!

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