By Yudha Satya, a GNFI contributor
July 15th, 2009

I was surprised by this headline a month ago : Two Mobile Phone Giants (Nokia and Samsung) Head-To-Head in Indonesia. I’m asking to myself, why? And I found some interesting facts about mobile phone development in Indonesia. Allow me to share with you.

Fact 1:

The Asia Pacific region contains five of the world’s ten largest mobile markets – China and India, which are the number one and two respectively and Indonesia, Japan, and Pakistan, the sixth, eighth and tenth largest. Indonesia overtook Japan to become the region’s third largest market with a total of 140.2m connections during 2008.

Fact 2:

Mobile phone users approximately reach 137 millions subscribers (120 millions GSM and 11 millions CDMA), the big three still dominating the telephone cellular market are Telkomsel (GSM) 42%, Indosat (GSM+CDMA) 22%, and Excelcomindo 19%. You can’t imagine how much money they generate from this.

Fact 3:

Mobile networks are so busy in Indonesia: more than 220 millions SMS traffics per day,150 thousands MMS traffics per day, and 32 millions mobile contents downloads per day. Mobile contents include quizes, SMS subscriptions, chats, and religious contents; some of the biggest players are Kode Jawa, Infokom, Kapanlagi, Elasitas.

Fact 4:

Based on, Indonesia mobile advertising metric is placed in second place below United States with total 813 thousands request (April 2009 data).

Fact 5:

Most of Indonesian bands/singers get so much money from RBT (Ring-Back Tone) instead of CD or cassette sales. In total RBT could gain about USD 200 millions per year. Ring Back Tone of  Samsons Band by Universal was noted as the Best Selling RBT in the world with 11 million downloaders.