The Phinisi In Luxury

Posted on July 2nd, 2009 at 5:14 am by Akhyari


Silolona The Phinisi

Meet Silolona, a traditional wooden sailboat, a Phinisi, built by hands of the Sulawesi Konjo people in 2004. Since her first days of sailing in the waters of East Indonesia, East Malaysia and Thailand, she has surprised more than a few with her breathtaking décor, spacious decks, delightful Asian fusion cuisine, and the smiles of its professional crew. A traditional wooden schooner with such charm and luxurious comfort has not been seen in South East Asia and Silolona, while promoting Indonesian traditions and culture, enchants the most seasoned yacht travelers.

Silolona is truly an experience.

Some of the exoticly delicious Indonesian traditional cuisine on Silolona

Silolona offers luxury yacht charters for sailing in Indonesia from April to November every year, before going up to the West Coast of Malaysia and Thailand and up to Myanmar, from December to March for more luxury cruises.

As you will see on her schedule, the luxury cruises of Silolona are planned by blocks of 5, 7, or 9 days although it is possible to either take several blocks or the number of days you desire. By deciding when you want to enjoy a private cruise with Silolona, you will have the choice to have a quiet beach and luxury diving charter in the Andaman Sea and in Komodo National Park or one of the most memorable cultural trips you can dream of by visiting the tribes of Irian Jaya (Papua), attending the Asmat Art Auction for their tribal art and visiting the remote and rich Spice Islands and discover the trade posts and beautiful islands visited during the height of the Spice Trade.

For beach and sailing, cultural trips or astonishing luxury diving charters in Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat, Indonesia’s eastern islands are yours to discover in comfort and safety. You have the dream of discoveries far beyond the beaten paths of tourism, visiting the tribes of Papua and exploring their culture but on board a luxury yacht charter? Our expert guides with years of personal contact with the tribes can plan the Private Journey, holiday of a lifetime. Patti Seery, well known in the Private Expeditions world, has brought many groups over the years to visit the Dani tribes of Papua and experience their ceremonies and traditional art.

Private journey on Silolona

Whether you wish to walk the treks of the Orangutan’s reserve in Borneo to see them in their own habitat and discover the work of the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center (Tanjung Putih Park, Kalimantan) or visit the Mergui Archipelago’s pristine beaches and the Myanmar Coast, ours are custom made tours, off the beaten track, and personalized to your dreams fulfillment.

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