A Friendly Offer

Posted on June 23rd, 2009 at 9:08 am by Ian


I just finished browsing photos of my Malaysian friend’s Facebook photos regarding last night’s most-awaited show, the PMI 3 (Pesta Malam Indonesia 3). I was really touched by the enthusiasm of Kuala Lumpur youngsters attending the show, it gives me a clear picture on the friendship those youths offer to us, Indonesian young people. The huge crowd only gives me a strong message from their end to ours, let’s make friends. GNFI lends its hands to grab this beautiful offer.

Malaysian youths, have never been so in love with Indonesian, this is actually a good sign of more serious integration, serious and beneficial relationship, mutual respect, and improving ties. Seriously, they love our novels, our movies, and even our slangs, many of them start to learn bahasa indonesia more seriously. This is their offer.

Allow me to share you more facts :
  • Total trade between two countries reached nearly $12 billion in 2008. This is far higher than Cambodia’s GDP last years which was only $9 billion.
  • Total Malaysian tourist flooding Indonesia last  year was 673,000 tourists, while Indonesia ’sent’ 1,887,000 last year. Multiply those figures with at least $500 spending. That’s huge, $1.28 billion
  • Total investment of malaysian companies in Indonesia reaches $1.8 billion, while indonesian investment in Malaysia tops $1.2 billion.  That’s $ 3 billion
  • There’ll be a bridge connecting Malaysia Peninsula and Indonesian Sumatra Island. We’ll be much more integrated. Be prepared, and be happy.

There are disputes, disagreement, quarrel, anger, disappointment, and anything you’d like to mention, this is truly a matter of neighbor. A taxi driver took me to Kuala Lumpur Airport said something really touching me, he said ”cik, negeri kita sering bertengkar, takpe laa…macam lidah pun kadang tergigit gigi kita sendiri. itu biasa lah”, which means ‘’sir, our countries quarreling a lot these days, that’s perfectly OK. Just like sometimes we accidentally bite our own tongue, that’s completely normal”.

I am true lover of Indonesia, I am a nationalist, patriot, I’d die for my country. I’ve been to Malaysia more than 10 times, and I certainly believe, that their people are really friendly. I am told by Malaysian tourists, that Indonesian people are also very friendly. So, keep it up !

*First photo taken from The crowd and enthusiasm (photo courtesy of Ihsan Harry’s facebook)

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