Yogya, Jogja, Or However You Like It!

Posted on June 18th, 2009 at 3:59 am by Akhyari


When grief’s overwhelming, I rise from misery by recalling your smile, I am touched. Amid this anguish, I expect of a shelter, and I  always want to return to you, Jogjakarta…

Above is part of the lyrics of the song titled ”Return to You, Jogja” sung by a famous Indonesian singer, Katon Bagaskara. Many say that if you visited the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY in Indonesian) once, it is believed that you would want to return to the city. Don’t believe it? Then there’s only one way to find out. Go there!

Yogyakarta offers many tourist attractions, from natural scenery, art and tradition, the nation’s struggle legacies, to culinary. It is famous for its good schools and universities, and the quality of human resources. It is also famous for beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs,  furniture, and other art-based products. For me, I love Yogyakarta because of the friendly people; wherever you go you’ll find people smiling to each other, sometimes they smile to even  someone they don’t know.

I have a friend, a Malaysian, she comes to Jogjakarta again and again, visiting the same spots, same people, and yesterday she said that she will come again. Wanna know why? Ask her yourself.

Here is a nice website to guide your experience in Jogja, YogYES.

And here are pics of some nice spots in the city, taken from YogYES.

Tamansari, where the princess used to bath

Fort de Vredeburg, the nation's struggle legacy

Angkringan, the most famous street vendor in Jogja

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