Keris Is A World Masterpiece

Posted on May 11th, 2009 at 5:13 pm by Ian


I read this good news on Kompas website. Keris, an Indonesian indigenous weapon, is acknowledged as a masterpiece of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. There are a lot of stories around Keris; one of the most famous stories probably is the story of Keris Mpu Gandring.

There are just so many tangible and intangible cultures of Indonesia that have been properly recognized internationally and proclaimed privately. Wayang kulit, batik, reog Ponorogo, some folk songs, tempe, Indonesian bands, pencak silat, Cinta Laura, what else? Don’t worry, let ‘em all have one. They’ll be happy, later on, to find themselves being Indonesianized by our cultures.

So, wacth out Katana, Keris is coming!

This is the article on UNESCO: Keris Indonesia Warisan Budaya Dunia.

Thanks to Anak Indonesia for the good news.

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