We Are (Still) Strong

Posted on May 5th, 2009 at 1:25 am by Akhyari


I was in one country outside Indonesia and I met with someone, which eventually I knew that he was an army soldier. We had a coffee together in the outskirt of the capital; we had a very interesting discussion. Well, at least, the topic was really really interesting to me. It was about military things. Some people might think that military is only about war, disaster, killings, etc. Of course, that is true, I do not like war. But, look at it from different perspective. To me, military is about power, bravery, patriotism, strategy, courage, endurance, …prestige.

That man asked me a very straight question, ”How strong is Indonesian military might?”. That surprised me, but I swiftly answered to that question with smile ”It is much stronger that your country’s.” Of course I have some reasons :

  • Indonesia has a unique kind of defense strategy which was once adopted by the North Vietnamese soldiers to kick out the U.S.
  • The geographic advantage of Indonesia, which consist of many thousands islands, will make it so difficult to occupy in one blow.
  • Indonesia, since some years back, has successfully  managed to develop its own military equipments, it is only a matter of time until Indonesia has its very own fighter/bomber jet.
  • Somehow, I can say, that Indonesia military personnel have its own unique power which I hardly found in other countries.

  • You might be wondering, compared to other world military powers, where Indonesia stands on. Here’s the latest ranking I got from www.globalfirepower.com, the research result was based on combat experience, personnel capability, and equipment quality. Enjoy the ranking (I only took the Top 20) :

    1. USA

    2. Russia

    3. China

    4. India

    5. Germany

    6. France

    7. Japan

    8. Turkey

    9. Brazil

    10. United Kingdom

    11. Italy

    12. South Korea

    13. Indonesia

    14. Mexico


    16. Iran

    17. Egypt

    18. North Korea

    19. Spain

    20. Pakistan

    Bonus for other Southeast Asian countries:

    23. Thailand

    30. Philippines

    Popularity: 22% [?]

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  1. bung tobing

    9 months ago

    Wow, 13th. Didn’t know that, haha, right below South Korea. Got’ta tell this to my Korean friend, with whom we always joke around on will win if South Korea and Indonesia eventually go to war against each other. He predicted Indonesia will be defeated easily. :lol:

    Well, our military, not that easy…our football team, maybe :)

  2. Roma

    9 months ago

    It’s really a contradiction to what happen lately to our military soldiers which were died not because of war. Sad it is, but I still gave a big hope and trust to what’s written above, Yes WE ARE STRONG ENOUGH!!!

  3. Putra Bangsa

    7 months ago

    Yeah… Agree…

    It is just the matter of time, that Indonesia will revive its military power….

    I put big hope onto SBY leadership….

    We were strong, and will again….

    (I didn’t say we are now strong…)


    6 months ago

    One key to strength is never underestimate anyone, another key is the purpose of patient is to win.


    6 months ago

    How do we get our military force equipment? IS IT FROM LOAN? NO WAY.
    We have to be gratefull to GOD when every each corruptor is catched(dzikir Alhamdulillah), because of the comeback delivered of corrupt money. That success of war against corruption WILL FUND.

  6. izzul

    6 months ago

    where are our two ‘friendly’ neighbors?

  7. sandra407

    5 months ago

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. isalrhan

    5 months ago

    Wow! I am really amazed with this posting. I just can’t expect that Indonesia has a great military power. Love this site. Love all the good news!

  9. all

    6 days ago

    adopted from vietchong who drove USA in viet war????
    you sure. from some resource i red. they send some of their general to study military on indo. they learn from indo. so if u can compare. USA defeated by viet in viet war. if viet war betwen indo n viet. they’ll done in secong, because we teach they how to fight

  10. buyung

    2 days ago

    we the brave one!!!!!! GO INDONESIA…..

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